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New Faeriespirit in Austria, Central- and Eastern Europe

Until 2 years ago the Radical Faerie Movement did not come to Austria and the countries of Central Europe such as Czechia, Slovakia or Hungary. And this had a reason: Austria, a neutral country in the heart of Europe between the western and the eastern hemisphere was a rather catholic and conservative country like Italy and Spain, had a very bureaucratic system with thinking in clichés, categories and dogmas. Austria is a country where freedom and the respect of the other as he is do not have the highest value. That is also why gays and lesbians always had to hide for a long time. The legal equality came very late. And the countries east of Austria where behind the iron curtain for more than 30 years and they had other aims to reach than living in faerie spirit after the opening of the borders in 1989. Austria had historically been an important mediating function and provided always the spirit of prosperity and the upturn into the eastern countries.

But faerie energy never reached and manifested in Austria till 2008. It was coincidence that I got into contact with a man in Northern California via internet who invited me to come to Wolf Creek in Oregon and at the same time a friend in Berlin insisted that I should come to the first Wannsee Gathering in Berlin because “they also needed some Austrian charm” there as he explained. And as I entered this space it was for me like coming home to my real world, full of freedom, love and respect, the place I was searching my whole life and that I missed so much in Austria. I discovered that Faeries from all over the world loved the idea of having a gathering in Austria one day, the land of “Sound of Music”, Freud and the most beautiful landscape. For many years I felt like being the only Faerie in Central Europe as Faeries normally lead a secret life and do not come out as such. I only knew that there had to exist more Faeries like me.

After 4 years of experiencing a lot of faerie gatherings around the world and finding my partner Red Rose we were ready to organize the first Austrian Gathering under the condition that we would find the ideal space in Austria, which was not so easy to find. But finally, after we have reviewed over 50 local offers we have found the perfect place in the Alps near Salzburg. In order to give the Austrians and the neighbouring countries the chance to take part at this unique gathering our dream was to bring the whole faerie movement to Austria and the central European countries. But how could our dream become true in a quick and effective way? We were all totally beginners in everything that had anything to do with marketing.   

A group of friends in Austria created folders, posters, a Eurofaeries Austria Website and a Facebook Group “Austrian Faeries” and we decided to take part at the  Vienna Pride week and the “Rainbow parade” 2012.  I also created regular Newsletters for the Austrian Faeries. And these were my experiences from this remarkable week:

“The Eurofaeries have made their first appearance at the fringes of mainstream gay life in Austria – and at Vienna Pride on City Hall Square, no less – the most public place in Vienna, where the Lifeball – the biggest charity event fighting Aids and HIV in Europe is also traditionally held.

The public reaction was surprisingly positive. Most stopped briefly to gaze curiously, wondering whether they had read it right … “Radical Faeries”? – They had never read anything like that before. A lot of people checked us out from a distance – building a spontaneous, superficial opinion about who they thought we might be: a “travel agency” or a “partner club”, punks, hippies, transvestites, a sect, an artist group, “radicals” or simply “three stupid sissies”.

The Eurofaerie’s tent was different from the other conventional groups if not simply because of the altar made of simple gold fabric with the words “freedom, love, respect the faerie in you and in others”.

The ones who gave in to their curiosity and entered our tent for more information and to have a look at all the photos soon had a spark in their eyes. “There’s something about the faerie concept, you are a really dedicated group, a great stand!” The history of the faeries and why we are called faeries got many people thinking.

The thing the Austrian Faeries most wanted here was to give potential Austrian faeries the chance to discover themselves and other Faeries, to network among each other, to meet and say for once: we really exist! It is very important to us to have a safe, trusted place, to create a “Faerie space” where everyone can develop his or her unique self – which naturally can’t be where the public and the media are. But when the radio broadcaster FM4 interviewed us about what the Faeries really are that was OK.

We thought it was a very positive sign that Vienna’s Deputy Mayor from the Austrian Green Party visited us and listened to us openly. We told her that we thought the reason why the faerie movement hadn’t made its way to Austria yet is because respecting the individuality or otherness of other people is not really anchored in the collective consciousness of most Austrians. The word “radical” also confused a lot of people, since it actually has negative connotations in everyday use – but the faeries use it more like the Latin “radix”, which means from the root or origin.

We were struck by the superficiality of many people who walked by, who put anything unknown, like the faeries, into a box, without being willing to delve into its origin. This concept that “Outward appearance is the only thing that matters” is still far too prevalent in Austria. If you don’t fit into a “box”, especially most of the media outlets will immediately cancel out. But we still met a few really nice and open people, a few of whom even said they were actually faeries, too.

We think it was a good start and a good showing of the faeries in Austria. We moved something in the minds of the people, made contacts, and started something new in the community.


The Austrian Eurofaeries also participated in the Rainbow Parade around Vienna’s Ringstraße as a small group for the first time. We specially thanked the extremely friendly Cubans, who permitted us to march behind their vehicle!

We gazed into thousands of clicking cameras and believe that our simple and friendly appearance without any delusions of stardom allowed us to win over the hearts of many viewers. We also thought it was great when 50 to 100 young people stepped in behind our “Radical Faeries” banner near the Parliament and marched with us.

To sum it up: The faeries showed their true colors in Vienna. Now also Austria knows that we exist!”

At the Vienna Pride I also met El and she brought me to her garden and when I visited this marvelous wood at the border to Czechia, we both had the vision of creating a new faerie sanctuary in Austria specifically for the faeries in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe. Here is a creative paradise and we are all of good cheer, to create a true Faerie Space for the future here.

In Vienna we also celebrate the festival of EQUINOX in autumn and sometimes in spring as a combination of spirit, art and entertainment party bringing the idea of the “No talent Shows” to Central Europe.

In 2013 our participation at the Vienna Pride in June 2013 was an even greater success for the Radical Faerie movement. We were established not only right next to the big tent of the Austrian Green Party in the middle of the Heldenplatz, but we also made friendship with the Homosexual Initiative – “Hosi Vienna” – the most important political representation of lesbians and gays in Austria, with whom we shared the tent and brought us a lot of attention by the daily visitors.
Bastian had the idea that all visitors of our tent could help to shape our Faerie Creative altar for the Rainbow Parade and this idea was very well received – especially by the children who could let their imaginations run wild when decorating.
Then we also officially signed up as the first Radical Faerie community in Europe with a start number for a CSD parade. … And the response was tremendous!
We all have probably experienced never before so much love, laughter and admiring recognition of tens of thousands of Viennese and tourists. Some of the organizers also said that without us the rainbow parade would not have been so fabulous because we were all so „photogenic”. Many also were thrilled that we have brought over so much of our Spirit with incense and the procession with the wonderfully creative decorated altar.
In this 6 days of holding tireless position in our tent we have met wonderful new people who have given us strength and energy to continue and accompany us on our journey „bringing the Faerie Movement to Austria, Central and Eastern Europe“.

After this participation the official queer Vienna was fully behind us. The QWien “The Viennese Center for gay / lesbian culture and history” added the Radical Faerie movement to the queer history of Vienna and the local government of Vienna accepted to support financially a documentary film project of the university about the beginning of the Faerie Movement in Austria with € 3000. This short documentary will be presented in queer film festivals all around the world in the next years.


In summer 2013 there were both temporary and a new permanent manifestations of faerie love in Austria. Europe is about to be home to a second faerie sanctuary, 8 years after the inauguration of Folleterre in the Vosges mountains of north eastern France, came the Kissing Awake of Wienviertel Sanctuary, a new faerie home in Austria, generously opened up to us all by the landowner. Ceremonials to kiss awake the new land happened 15-16 August 2013.


The secret paradise at the end of Austria will be a real Faerie sanctuary in the coming years … the ideal gateway at the Czech border to the Faeries of the eastern part of Europe – is the little sister of the big European Faerie Sanctuary’s in Folleterre in France and is already the natural meeting place for faeries in Central Europe, where we were celebrating wonderful Summer Solstice Weekends. At the solstice, the sun is worshiped to ensure that it gives us the desire for life, sexuality, creativity, energy, health and wishes.


Starting with the Kissing AWAKE 2013 it will become the meeting place of the Faeries in Central and Eastern Europe and the Faeries all over the world, when they can share time and life stories at Faerie space and talk about finding inspiration and self-worth. People lit up their hearts from the calm and loving acceptance of the Austrian Faeries.


For this purpose 3 Community Workweeks will be held here in the year 2014 where everything necessary for the conservation and making alive of this “silent paradise at the end of the world” is done and thus can stay enough Faeries here.


The Kissing AWAKE of our new Faerie Home in Austria was a little gathering of some cute faeries from all around the world to open it……… I had the idea to name it “Kissing Awake”, when I woke up one morning and was considering what can we do with a sleeping beauty? Maybe Inauguration sounds too sacred, but kissing sounds human and sexy at the same time. Kissing is good for human souls, for trees and animals. And kissing was always a taboo for me when I was young. So I also wanted to break a taboo in me and among the faeries. It is not necessary always to name everything “holy” in a sanctuary. It should also be a blessed, beloved and loving place. And you can best show love externally if you kiss somebody! I really would strongly hope that everybody involved deeply incorporates this spirit! It is a real chance to get a new life!

The event started for me and Fauny with a serious and intensive talk about the views of “Folleterre” about the new sanctuary / faerie homes in Austria and about our views of Folleterre in general. Are we all still very close to the roots of the Radical Faerie movement in Europe? Should we open up to new ideas? Is the whole thing getting too commercial? Many questions in our heads! Fauny was the faerie who also led the inauguration in Folleterre 8 years ago, so he knew definitely how to do it! We talked about the program of the ceremony and we had a delicious meal cooked by a lot of faeries. But before the ritual started around the fire, there came a big surprise. Some new faeries in beautiful masks arrived at the Sanctuary accompanied by two American Faeries from California who some years ago met Harry Hay personally and one of them told us that Hay was the reason to encourage him to his Coming Out as a Gay person. Then we were all ready to start the unique Kissing AWAKE Ritual with a little heart circle around the fire.

When it was dark the procession started and we walked one after another to the 4 corners of the sanctuary with burning candles in our hands. A candlelight procession to get to know all the secrets of the land. But before we asked for protection for the land and that it would allow us to be safe and gentle and spiritual to it and we promised to be good to the land and take care for it! Then in every corner we asked for the spirits of the 4 hemispheres. In the second corner we asked for the spirits of the animals for blessing which was my task to do so, because I specially love the animals in this sanctuary! In the third corner we were finding our way at the land through the darkness by waiting at our own imaginary altar and then going back creating a spiral with our candles as a symbol for creation – the founding of a new sanctuary.

At the forth corner finally we did the real kissing awake ritual where we gathered around a beautifully red and orange decorated bench in the wood and we all started to kiss another faeries one after another at the bench. The kissing ceremony was just amazing and very touching for us all. We all were very grateful to have this wonderful moment in our lives. Yes and from now on also the Sanctuary was kisses and sacred.

Then the performances started on our stone stage. Red Rose and Mata Hari performed the modern but wild interpretation of Stravinsky’s “Le Sacre de Printemps” which we thought was perfectly representing the idea of this special event. This 20 minutes fight between the tribes of the world which was led with soil, plants and honey, the sacrifice of the virgin ended up with the crowning of the fire in nakedness. Till midnight our two Faeries from California gave us a wonderful time playing beautiful songs at the guitar and we all hoped that this romantic and warm summer night would never end.

In the morning we started building a shrine for the sanctuary and we had our first real heart circle “kissed awake” in beautiful sun under shady woods. On the occasion of the ceremony the circle started by presenting nice little gifts from Folleterre to the Austrian Faeries. The gift touched us a lot and with tears in our eyes we all spoke from the heart.

I must admit that I did not want to leave this space at this moment. Everything was so calm and gentle. I could not imagine that tomorrow there should start the first full 10 days Gathering in Austria in the Alps near Salzburg. But we had to face the reality – the faerie reality! And we started the faerie track west across the country to the Sound of Music territory of Salzburg where 63 faeries met for the first full 10 day international Austrian Gathering.”– Not knowing what was expecting us – but with my only real intention – to have an open heart for all and to feel and bring and spread GOOD ENERGY! – To LET IT FLOW in Austria!

…And as all the reactions worldwide show us – yes! – Everybody appreciated that!


The movement is spreading step-by-step across Europe and it is heading eastwards. Friends from Czechia and Slovakia like Matty the Deer wanted to know more about the Faeries as they admire their values and way of life. Since that summer the Deer has been meeting them, attending small events like heart circles and exhibitions and closely observing the attempts to create a sanctuary in a neglected, yet beautiful piece of land – which happens to be a walking distance from the Czech borders.


In August 2013 Matty the Deer got the chance to take part in the first international Faerie Gathering that took place in the alpine region of Austria. He was a participating observer and was fully accepted into the circle. The outcome of his time with the Faeries was his research Study for the Czech University in Brno about “Lifelong Learning Potential within the International Movement Radical Faeries”.

Yoohoo Faeries! We are approaching the East and we will never give up!







The Quiet Paradise at the Borderland

– why this Sanctuary in Austria is so important for me! –

A very personal report from a quiet gatherette



Since this weekend I know the true meaning which this “Wunderort” only 1 hour away from Vienna has for me and why this soon real Faerieland has taken me more and more. Because I was with a shock of the brutal and stupid excesses of civilization – namely the crime brought back to reality. Our city apartment in Vienna was a week earlier, on 12 April 2013 robbed and the stolen cell phone service was located by police two days later in Bulgaria. My Faerie altar was desecrated. My original Indian Hanuman statues from Varanasi and the Taj Mahal miniature were stolen – not as valuable in material, but on symbolic value. Parts of my appearance robe as Mata Hari have disappeared, such as the 15 meter long red and gold fabric, in which at the beginning of my performance during Folleterre Summergathering 2012 I and at the end all other faeries were wrapped. How crazy and poor are parts of civilization that they must steal from the Faerie space? How disgusting people can be who have never heard of the true idea of ​​the Radical Faeries?

But no matter – one they will never be able to desecrate – our Sanctuary! And for this wondrous place my soul now demanded urgently. I knew that there I could find my inner peace again. Because this wonderland was made by ANIMALS and MOTHER NATURE to what it is, a sacred place – and this space cannot be deconsecrated by man. A Sanctuary is not only a place of celebration and togetherness, it is not only beautiful, created by nature or enchanted by the faeries, but it may be primarily a haven for souls “brought out of balance” and a refugium which brings us back the belief in humanity. The humans – in this case the faeries – who discovered this space for themselves – have only borrowed this space from nature – as our inner source of strength, the last place of refuge – and which may be only a place in nature, which our heart has chosen as a home. In the Sanctuary we find the divine silence again, what we need to resist this constant manipulation of a merciless material-minded civilization and media – a brainwashing that wants us to constantly persuade that nature in its many manifestations and their spirit behind it is worth nothing, and if it is worth something, then just to earn money with it. The last weekend I called for a Quiet Gatherette. I longed for this total serenity-which does not exist in civilization. I needed this retreat to refuel the strength to go on my way positive, which is the way of Faerie movement in Central Europe – with every part of my body and soul! Each of these wondrous free animals I have encountered at this resort, and every evening again there looking for their tree as their home and going to bed, sent me the message to stand up for this Faerie Wonderland to fight for its preservation, for some of my time to invest, to work for it. My children and the many faeries sent me through the ether world this message into my heart.  Flowers How incredible it is yet to come out of the house before the onset of total darkness and listen to the pheasants on the trees all around, as they lie down to sleeping, or even as they flee before thee there upon the nearest tree. Or as the nocturnal bats flutter from their hiding tree and the owls send their miraculous calls in the silence – where deer and rabbits jump into the Sanctuary to hide or flee scared when you go through the forest, where you hear the bees buzzing everywhere in the Sanctuary, where opalescent butterflies fly around when you enjoy breakfast outside, where the sparrows play a concert at almost any time of day, where you come across again and again to nuts bearing of mice. To find the ladybugs on almost every flower and relaxed snails crawling in the morning dew. Yes, everything I’ve seen here.

Of two animals that I have directly perceived this weekend, I would like to highlight the symbolic importance as a mirror of the soul. The pheasant was always the symbol of religion – well, although the Radical Faeries are the exact opposite of a dogma, but the spiritual power that lies in the encounter with pheasants tells us what is really important in life and how we should align ourselves. And bats symbolize the rebirth (which we should actually celebrate as people daily, especially as Faerie). More truthful a symbiosis with the elements of nature I cannot imagine after my traumatic experience a week earlier. I also would like to mention a little very amusing experience I had before the fence door of the Sanctuaries after getting up on Sunday morning: two gorgeous male pheasant ran hastily thereof in my appearance over the fields, when I caught her red-handed making love. – The fauna is sooo faerie here! Oh I’ m loving it! – But here the animals nothing bad happens, here the faeries are actually the invaders, but they are also its allies, because they want to preserve this paradise and make it even more fantastic – and the animals accept it gratefully. I think in no other Faerie Sanctuary worldwide you can experience so many wild animals immediately around you in such a connectedness. What is going on here just in a single tree you can hardly see in a zoo in this diversity. Here, however, all the animals and fairies are united in freedom and gentleness and they have chosen it as their sanctuary, the place to which they return again and again. Nature also finally begins to bloom. Violets and bright yellow-orange marigolds sprout from the ground. Buds are already everywhere to be seen. Spring is awakening, probably the most beautiful season, when everything comes to life and this wonderland like no other shows you the true values ​​of life. These are mainly the work in this enchanted place, creating space for the future life and pleasures here, the Dispose of “old burdens”, repairing (including mental) damage caused in the course of time and planning for the activities in the immediate future.

I felt this Quiet Gatherette where Red Rose, El and I were three on Saturday and four on Sunday with Roswitha, to be tremendous relaxing and mentally blissful, although we have worked almost all the time in the rooms. But the sun was always smiling at us. I had fun and it was really relaxing to free many of the rooms of the cobwebs and Red Rose cleaned all sanitary facilities. We found many hidden ideal treasures that have accumulated here over 35 years and which are sent for recycling. Here is a creative paradise and we are all of good cheer, to create a true Faerie Space for the future here.

For this purpose Community Weeks will be held here in the next few years, where everything necessary for the conservation and making alive of this “silent paradise at the end of the world” is done and thus can stay enough Faeries here.

So nothing stands in your way of the inauguration of “Els Wonderland” in August and thus the re-inauguration of my desecrated Vienna Faerie Apartment, we are really looking forward to it.

The Wounded Healer – My experiences from the Folleterre summer gathering 2012,

Being picked up at the train station in Lure for a summer gathering at Folleterre is always very special to me. When I first visited this “crazy land” two years ago and saw the first faerie in the car, Mercedes, I thought he was the craziest punk I had ever seen. He was so eager to get very close to me that I considered us friends from the first second on. He convinced me to take my first trip to India half a year later, and then he died, which was a big shock for me. His passing inspired me to return to Folleterre to perform a tribute to him and to Gezel, who also died the same year, at the no-talent show.

This year I also arrived the afternoon of the no-talent show – and since my performance was about the birth of the faeries, I needed a new, young, “virgin” faerie to perform with me. Fauny recommended I ask Jonny because he is so lovely, and lovely he was! When I asked him if he would like to be part of my performance, he responded so positively. An hour later, he told a lot of faeries that he hated himself, something I had never heard that from anyone before. I could not believe what I was hearing, but knew that I wanted to help him, especially through our performance. All of the faeries in the audience and I tried to give him all the love he could not give to himself. On the stage I gave him a long, intense kiss representing all the love we could give to him, and I have never seen more beauty and brightness in someone’s eyes. I told him there was no reason why he should not love himself and I could see that he was trying to hold back his tears because deep inside himself he wanted to believe that this could be true. His tears showed me that he had hope. When he promised to come to the Austria faerie gathering in August 2013, I was so happy that we all could see him again and could continue the healing process until he no longer needs our help, even if it takes the rest of his life. I could see in his eyes that he, like Mata Hari, will need faerie healing from time to time – as long as he lives.

I know none of us is perfect and the world is not perfect and the faeries are not perfect, but if you tell the faeries what you need, what makes you angry, they will try to help you. The key is to openly express what is inside you. Be free and don’t build walls around yourself. We are not “bad” faeries! We all have our faults and injuries and wounds, even those who seem not to. If you look beneath the surface of every faerie, you can see that we have all suffered. WE ALL ARE WOUNDED HEALERS. Some are looking for a partner, some are looking for acceptance, some believe they do not have the same rights as other faeries or as their fellow human beings. No matter what you believe, give us the CHANCE TO LISTEN TO YOU so that our heart can understand you. Then you’ll see what happens, see how the energy flows toward you. Enjoy the energy. Sometimes we forget where our hearts are, but let it find its place again. If you have trouble connecting deeply with the faeries, getting beneath the surface, go to Mother Nature – she will always help you. It’s OK if you don’t feel a deep contact to every faerie. That’s life. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure in faeriespace! Let it flow and it will come – sometime.

For me personally, the gathering was a paradise and hell at the same time. It started and ended as a paradise, but in between I suffered a lot. I saw more beauty and brightness in the eyes of some faeries than I have ever seen, but I suffered hearing hurt faeries shouting during heart-circles. At one point in the no-talent show I couldn’t breathe because I was wrapped into 15 meters of golden and purple fabric. I felt like I was trapped in a melting sauna and wanted nothing more than to unveil myself on stage.

I recognized this feeling from hours of suffering and hellish heat in the sweat lodge –paradise and hell at the same time. I survived in the sweat lodge by digging my face deeply into mother earth, no matter what other people said and no matter what animals were in the soil. The intense heat made my real suffering in life much more intense. It led me to discover that I also should shed the negative feelings, thoughts, criticism and humiliation, the manipulation civilization hurls at me. But I also had beautiful moments imagining strolling through my first faerie-sanctuary Wolf Creek in the dark, seeing the glowing signs in the stones and feeling the eternal wish to never have to leave this eternally magical lodge.

In the evening after the fun ballet workshop with Ballet Boy, where I jumped a lot, I decided to jump over the fire. Then it happened: I did not see where I was landing in the darkness and I felt a terrible pain in my left foot. Hours later I discovered that it was terribly swollen and bruised and I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t bear to tell anyone that “Mata Hari” was not able to dance anymore during this gathering. The world suddenly seemed so unreal to me. Was this the end of everything? Where was my faerie energy? When I woke up in the morning, my feelings were gone. I had to get out, to save myself. This beautiful, healing faerie energy flowed from one faerie to another. They wanted to carry me to the lake so I could take part in the Kobi ritual to save the lives, the spirits and the culture of this threatened natural primitive tribe. In their culture, the men sleep with the men and the women sleep with the women, and the Spanish conquerors tried to kill them because they thought they all were gay.

Finally it was even better for me that the faeries did not summon up the energy to carry me up to the mountain, giving me a day to total relaxation, which I needed so much after the stress I had at home and at work, in addition to bringing the faerie movement to Austria this year for the first time, organizing the first faerie gathering and party in Austria and finding a new faerie sanctuary in Austria specially for the faeries in Austria and Eastern Europe – a vision I had after visiting this marvellous elswood – a faerieland near the border to Slowakia – owned by an Austrian faerie named EL, whom I met at Vienna Pride.

I loved how much fun the faeries had at this “folle” terre trying to heal me in their special way. It was so marvellous to feel this healing energy! At the closing ceremony, I was actually able to dance with a stick! I did not give up and I witnessed how some faeries who had some really angry moments during the gathering had become more gentle when they discovered that they were not alone with their pain here. Every faerie has his special problems and fears. None of us has a perfect life. We all want to be heard and loved. No faeries are better or worse than others, We all have our own experiences in faerieland and we learn from our experiences – not only from listening.

We all share a common desire – we all want to come back to this faerieland! – our sanctuaries! – whether it is Folleterre or somewhere else. Our sanctuaries are like our home and we want to care for them as long as we are living our own faerie identity. This is our true soul and being!

So hell is followed by paradise, and before I left this paradise sanctuary, I felt the God of the medieval spirits kissing and hugging and covering me for an hour in my room. We are a natural tribe, and the divine voice in our hearts comes alive when we let go of our thoughts and just let things happen! – let your heart flow!

Dear friends, queer friends of Folleterre! – The circle is open – but not broken!

We faeries strengthen and empower each other. The tears I shed because of the angry and unhappy faeries were healing tears for these faeries and the tears I shed for myself have made me stronger in my heart and for my life. I couldn’t help but smile when I looked into the faces of my faeries friends. My heart has found a way to express itself – Folleterre – that is it! Why is it so important to me? … Because of you and you and … you, Mother Earth!

Thank you, Folleterre – you crazy Goddess of love! HAPPY TEARS! Happy about all Jonny’s tears! Fearieday … all my trouble seem so far away …

XXX Mata Hari Here are the lyrics from the song from my performance of “the birth of the faeries”


Faerieday, all my troubles seem so far away

All my friends are here with me to stay

Oh, I believe in Faerieday

Suddenly I’m more the man I want to be

There’s an angel flying over me

Oh, Faerieland so lovely

Why I have to go I don’t know, I am here to stay

I say I need you

Now I long for Faerieday

Faerieday love is such an easy game to play

Now I have a space to be my way

Oh, I believe in Faerieday

Why we have to go I don’t know, we ‚re here to stay

I say I need you

Now I long for Faerieday

Faerieday love is such an easy game to play

Now I have a place to be my way

Oh, I believe in Faerieday


(Music: Beatles, Lyrics: Mata Hari)

MANIFESTO for a Rethink – Manifesto for a Faerie Movement in Austria and Global

Lets look at the Earth from “ABOVE”. We see a beautiful bright little ball in the vast universe. However when looking at the earth more closely, we see that it is punctured with the bright or dark cobwebs of civilized humanity, with its electricity, roads and settlements. And we see the many holes humanity has beaten out of the planet to get as many resources as possible from her. And we accelerate this damage with our greed for goods, and the demands of a ‘progressive’ world without really realizing something.

But in the next 40 years this current form of CIVILIZATION WILL NO LONGER EXIST – because all the oil reserves will be depleted, a resource that civilization is essentially based on. This is a FACT, which everybody refuses to admit, including the media. We live cheerfully and continue exploit the earth, without any regard for our future. We are externally determined by industry, the economy, environmentally hostile political agendas aimed at gaining votes, and the rich and the media who want to make money NOW with no consequence for the World’s future. And we all fall for it! We no longer know what is REALLY IMPORTANT in life! We are no longer human to another – in every way. Ridiculing reigns in our media. Everyone survives by the judging each other. There is no real respect for each other. We do nothing to ensure the long-lasting happiness of each other. What matters is the short-lived success!

The holes in our world are not healing anymore – but more and more we ignore the warning signs around us. The signs which our very life-force, the earth itself sends to us! We do not consider the earth as a LIVING SOUL – because we ourselves have no soul anymore! IT MUST END! Or we all perish! – For the earth is stronger! We cannot beat her. We can only destroy our human race and civilisation.

If we do not act now it will be too late. We have only two choices: we will have to fight for the last living resources, OR we will be FAIRIES – FAERIES – the protector of the earth, nature and therefore the people. If we don’t see A SOUL in everything around us both in our NEIGHBORS and in our remaining NATURE, in its APPARITIONS and the EARTH, we will all go down! The Earth will continue to exist, and on it’s own terms. She has skillfully done so for billions of years – without us! We could change that still! BUT ONLY IF OUR CIVILIZATION Changes NOW – and not in 40 years! Because it has to change anyway. But in 40 years, the Earth will not recover from the damage we have inflicted on her. The UN has long made clear the unmistakable consequences of climate change. Yet powerful business enterprises have continued to act in the interest of profit and greed at the expense of humanity and our children – and the Earth!

But it could be all so simple: We could on the one hand live by the values that the original inhabitants of the earth, the indigenous peoples, such as Native Americans who have always exemplified a life in harmony with nature, and on the other hand a true and peaceful  COMPASSION for their NEIGHBOURS – as the faeries have done for over 30 years.

The dream has always been with the Faeries, this togetherness, this respecting of nature and the people. This applies not just when we meet, but outside of our community – and we aim to be also able to apply this to the real world, to real life – to make the world livable and lovable!  But to make this enormous new courage and energy clear to the other people – we were far too few till now. For anyone who has lived with the Radical Faeries, it appears somehow absurd, soulless and unnatural to live in this “civilization” out there. Most values of the so-called civilization are perceived as false pretenses.  What is praised as desirable goals in the real world is perceived by the faeries as far from a meaningful life for the human race and the environment.

Although most early Faeries would describe themselves as queer or gay, this does not mean that they could be defined as crazy or abnormal. This is their way of life – as they live together. On the contrary, for the Radical Faeries, it is modern civilization that is dominated by actual deviants, unnatural, soulless, unimaginative, inhuman prejudiced people where only sex counts, and the freedoms which democracy offers thanks be to God, to be abused by many through money and greed. The faeries would like to see this world, this civilization as a true place of the soul, the body and the mind – which it is not currently.

In truth, we Faeries have genuine compassion for others and the nature AND we LIVE THIS!’

Although it still sounds absurd – In truth, the world will have to be a fairy world in 40 years, or it will no longer exist! In truth, the world NOW must immediately be a fairy world so that in 40 years we still can experience it as a paradise on earth. We cannot leave the earth to industry, the economy, politics, the rich, the media, the religions, the money and the negative energy!

People need to reclaim the Earth again. We cannot leave the decision about the fate of the earth and the people to “beer tables” of the rich and corporations, but in the hearts of men – in the Heart Circles of faeries!

Will you be the first to realize this, our grandchildren and our planet will thank us! – We as faeries have not looked away as has almost the entire present civilization! We lived with our hearts!


Austria is ready for the faeries! Austria is NOT the island of the blessed anymore, Austria is to be the island of SOULS! – which radiates POSITIVE FAERIE ENERGY!

All human beings are not only brothers and sisters – but: ALL PEOPLE ARE FAERIES!

DO SOMETHING! Love FINALLY! – Before we cannot do it anymore!


Only utopians can CHANGE the world!

The 1. Faerie Gathering in Austria 2013 (RFD-report)

 “The Faerie Gathering in Austria was FANTASTIC … a rollercoaster of fun, dance, rhythm, love, erotism, talks, magic, soul ….!”


In Austria this summer there were both a temporary and a new permanent manifestation of faerie love. Europe is about to be home to a second faerie sanctuary. 8 years after the inauguration of Folleterre in the Vosges Mountains of north eastern France, came the Kissing Awake of Weinviertel Sanctuary, a new faerie home in Austria.

Ceremonials to kiss awake the new land happened 15-16 August and were followed by a faerie trek west across the country to the Sound of Music territory of Salzburg where 63 faeries from 14 different countries (including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Czechia, England, Israel and USA) met for the first full 10 day Austrian Gathering. It was a bigger success than we could imagine! Many lives have definitely changed! Still the emotions roll over – but in the most positive way!

We could show the whole (faerie) world what faerie spirit and faerie energy is and could be. I was only the one who gave so many wonderful faeries from all over the world the opportunity in the most unexpected but real nature to BE what they really ARE – people longing for the real magical spirit and making them appreciate to what faeries and human beings are possible to create if you let them step out of this mainstream mentality.


The Indian God Ganesha showed me this image that you are a sexual person and maybe whenever I wake up at night I will have this image in my mind – to believe that the time of regretting anything in your life is over now. You never should regret anything that happened to you in your life. It all brought you to these 10 days of love and respect and diversity. I really was kissed awake these 10 days – starting 2 days before in the opening ceremony of the sanctuary in Austria.

For me it was the “Sound of DIVERSITY” Gathering –and I did not want any other gathering! It is so important that everybody on earth feels accepted – some faeries still have to work on this, but you have to give them time to accept this.


Maybe the most touching moments for me was the closing ceremony – very simple, but when the Music of Mozart –the overture of Don Giovanni started – the whole atmosphere + the whole gathering transformed again. I really could see in the eyes – that this was such a great moment in all the lives of the faeries who were in this circle when we all started to kiss and to light up the candles and to look into each other eyes: We directly went into heaven at this moment – it was unbelievable beautiful. This moment I wanted to create! This moment Mozart wanted to create! This was true entrance to Paradise.

And looking deeply into the eyes of each faerie made me very calm and grateful. I really saw

each heart at its most beautiful moment. There are no other words to describe that. 25 hearts

being ONE! Real living, real love, everybody touched. Life animating the whole. Faeries animating the whole. And when we blew out the candles we closed the gathering. It was so unreal that this Magic really happened and that it should end now.

No, it will continue in our hearts – through our spirit and energy we will spread it out to the whole world – and it will manifest again in 2 years at this place and we all will come together again – sharing love, peace, hearts, problems and hope! – that this world is a better one – a faerie world!

– because we all know that spirit, heartfulness + stillness unites us all – and the sound of faeries in faerie diversity

– and we deeply and completely love and accept this!



MATA HARI’s Performances at Faerie Gatherings 2008 – 2017


Wolf Creek  Permaculture and Sustainability Gathering:

The discovery of Faerie Spirit (at the sun altar)


1st Berlin Wannsee Gathering: Madonna “Give it to me



Fatherstone Winter Gathering: Madonna “Jump


10th Terschelling Gathering: Mata Hari’s “Rebirth”

Barbara “Vienne”, “L’Aigle noir” (Rebirth performance)



Fatherstone Winter Gathering: “Tribute to Michael Jackson+”:

Michael Jackson “Gone too soon”, “Childhood”, “Jam


2nd Berlin Wannsee Gathering: “Tribute to Berlin”

Fellini’s Casanova “Il Duce di Wurttemberg

Hildegard Knef/Nina Hagen ”Für mich soll‘s rote Rosen regnen” (with Cocopierre)


Folleterre  Summer Gathering: “Tribute to France”,”Sacrificed to a wild animal”:

Juliette Greco ”Avec le temps

King Kong (Max Steiner) “Aboriginal Sacrifice Dance”, “Entrance of Kong” (as King Kong)



Thailand Ko Yau Yai Asian Gathering: “Tribute to India”

A.R.Rahman “Dreams on Fire”, “Jai Ho” (from Slumdog Millionaire)

Charles Aznavour “What makes a man” (with Franz Bloem)


11th Terschelling Gathering: “Homage to Elizabeth Taylor+”

Michael Jackson “Hollywood” (as Cleopatra)

Charles Chaplin / E. Taylor “Send me the Clowns” (with Ankh-Aton)


Folleterre Summer Gathering:  “Homage to 2 dead Faeries+: Mercedes, geZel”

Spencer Day “Maybe”, “Vagabond

Lady Gaga “Marry the Night



Fatherstone Winter Gathering: “Tribute to Michelangelo”

Arvo Pärt: “Collage sur Bach” (as a group)

“Tribute to George Michael”

George Michael “Jesus to a Child”, “The first Time I ever saw your Face” (with Shokti +Pikachu+Loverabbit), “Flawless


3rd Berlin Wannsee Gathering: “Homage to Transgenial dead Women+”

Whitney Houston+ “I have Nothing” (with Gabriel and Ankh-Aton)

Sammy Davis Jr./ Paul Anka “I’m Not Anyone

Amy Winehouse+ “Wake Up Alone” (with Red Rose)


Folleterre Summer Gathering: “The Birth of the Faeries”

Karl Orff “Carmina Burana” (as a group)

John Lennon “Imagine” (with Jonny Golightly)

Beatles / Mata Hari ”Faerieday


1st Equinox in Vienna (Arena Bar) Herbst



Fatherstone “The End of the World and the beginning of a new Faerie Aera”

Adele ”Skyfall” (with Efthimios and Tiny Viking)

Nick Howard “Unbreakable

Elton John “I’m Still Standing


2nd Equinox in Vienna (Marea Alta) Frühling


KISSING AWAKE the Sanctuary (Hadres Austria):

Boy George ”Stranger In This World

Strawinsky “Le Sacre de Printemps” (with Red Rose)


1st “Sound of Faeries” Gathering Hochkönig Austria: “The Faerie Revolution”

Lehar (The Merry Widow) “Lippen schweigen” (with Red Rose)

Falko ”No time for Revolution” (with Awen, Aismalya, Aki, Black Panther, Efthimios)

Beatles “Let it be” (with Yellow Longhair)

Elisabeth von Trapp ”Somewhere over the Rainbow/ What A Wonderful World

Peter Alexander “Der letzte Walzer”, “Dankeschön” (with Red Rose)


3rd Equinox in Vienna (Arena Bar) Herbst


Wintergathering Pfaffenseifen: “Hommage to Freedom and Nelson Mandela+”,

Lady Gaga: “AURA

Youssou N’Dour: “She doesn’t need to fall” (with Tadzio)

“Hommage to Love”: Josephine Baker: “Besame Mucho” (with Yellow Longhair)



Fatherstone “Hommage to David Bowie”

Jean Cocteau ”La Belle et la Bete” (with Eddi)

David Bowie “The Beauty and the Beast” “Where are we now” (with Eddi)

“Hommage to J.R.R.Tolkien”: Ed Sheeran “I see Fire” (with Ananga + T.Viking)

Judi Garland “It’s a new world” (with Woodpigeon)


Short Mountain Sanctuary BELTANE: “Greetings from Vienna”

Deanna Durbin “Blue Danube Dream” Spring Parade / Johann Strauss / Robert Stolz

Kissing + Touching the European Sacred Faerie Shawl (with Wallace / Bangee Report Chicago)


Folleterre Summer Gathering: „Tribute to Beloved“

Vincenzo Bellini Norma „Casta Diva“ (by Maria Callas)

Tribute to Conchita Wurst “Rise like a Faerie


4th Equinox in Vienna (Arena Bar) Herbst


Gavdos Gathering: “Hommage to Greece”

Claude Debussy “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune” (as Nijinsky’s Faun)

Mata Hari / Conchita Wurst “Rise like a Faerie

Vicky Leandros “You make me feel brandnew” (with Black Panther, Efthimios and Daniel) “Don’t break my heart” (with Red Rose)

Rona Nishliu “Suus” (performing the Eurovision Song Contest song of Albania 2013)

Reinhard Fendrich / Mata Hari “I am from Faerieland” (with Red Rose)

James Broughton “Wondrous – Two Dudes in Love” (presenting the Sacred Shawl)



Tribal Vision Folleterre: “Hommage to the Faeries”

Jerry Herman „We Are What We Are“ (La Cage aux Folles) with Junis, DeeTale, Michael and Divine

Edson Cordeiro “Lovesong

Conchita Wurst “You Are Unstoppable


Summer Gathering Folleterre:

Willkommen” (Cabaret) with Serendipity

Queen “The Show Must Go On

Homage to Billy Holliday “Tenderly” (with Atlantis and Petit bison)


2nd “Sound of Faeries” Gathering Hochkönig Austria:

Leo Fall Operetta Die Kaiserin “Einzug zum Maskenball” (with Lala Lametta, ESsss and Flora)

In Memory of the Nazi Terror in Austria: Theme From Schindler’s List

Burt Bacharach “A House is not a Home” (with Mother Goose)

Tribute to Udo Jürgens “Mercie Faerie” (with Yellow Longhair)

Amit Hayo “I am Happy, I am Gay” (with Amit Hayo)


Faerie X-Mas Vision Gathering: (SPA Belgium)

Jacques Brel “Quand on a que l’amour”, “Je suis un soir d’été, Je suis a Radical Faerie” (with Alexis)

Diana Coupland “Underneath the mango tree” (with Red Rose)

Queen “One Vision” (with Tinkabell and Freedom)



1st Wintergathering Israel: near Gaza “Hommage to Blackstar”

David Bowie+ “Girl Loves Me”

Burt Bacharach “Close to You” in Gratitude to the Israel Radical Faeries

Natalie Cole+ “Nature boy”

John Lennon “Give Peace a Chance” (with Ananda)


Faeborhood Gathering: (Portland, Oregon)

Remember: Life is short  (Reading from my book „Rise Like A Faerie“ in

Memoria of the Massagre in Orlando the day before)


Summer Gathering Folleterre:

Native American Healing Song


1st Waterlilies Gathering Hungary: (Heviz)

Feeling my Waterlilieness


Samhain Fatherstone: „Homage to Prince+“

Prince „If I Was Your Girlfriend“ (with Luca Loopa)

Barbara Streisand Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory „Pure Imagination“ (with Phalles)

Homage to Mark Thompson+ and „The Fire in Moonlight“: Reading from the book: „Rise Like A Faerie“: „The Magic of Good Bye“

Berlin No Talent Show

Lady Gaga: “Perfect Illusion” Anti Trump Populism Demo

Zarah Leander: “Davon geht die Welt nicht unter” (with Red Rose)

Reinhard Fendrich: “Du bist schön

Barbara Schöneberg: “Liebesleben” (with Red Rose)

Leonhard Cohan+ “Hallelujah”


Wintergathering Breitenbush “Hommage to Native Americans and People of Colour”

John Trudell+ “The Only One For Me” (with Leroy, Elf 9, Lion and Wagu)

Prince+ “I Would Die 4 U”


Rebirth Gathering Drouwen, Netherlands

“Tribute to Rebirth”: Patti Smith “Spell”

“Tribute to George Michael+”

George Michael + “Through”,Amazing“ (with Maurice „Mother Goose”),

“Flawless”+Freeek!“ (catwalk with Tempest, Hole, Squirrel and Dido)


FAEBorhood Vienna City Gathering

Madonna “Vogue” (catwalk with Gizem, Salvia und Theoklymenos)

Rosenstolz “Gib mir Sonne”

Whitney Houston “I’m Every Woman

Charlie Murphy “Gay Spirit”

Robert Campbell “Dreamboy“ (with Red Rose)

Bruno Mars “Gorilla”

Lady Gaga “Born This Way” (catwalk with Gizem, Salvia und Tom)


Summer Gathering Folleterre

Fighting Global Warming: Anohni 4 Degrees”(with Moccha)

Bjork “Venus as a Boy” (with Galactica, Atlantis, Foxy, Moccha and Smile)

Global Gathering Fatherstone “Tribute to Stonewall Roits and Judy Garland”

Judy Garland “That’s Entertainment!” (with Dark Angel)

Judy Garland “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (with Ivy, Fabrice and Ez)


DRAGula Gathering Transylvania “Tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show “Over At The Frankenstein Place” (with Theoklymenos), “I Can Make You A Man” (with Axel), “Super Heroes” and “Time Warp”

Dracula (Musical)“Einsamer Mann” (with Red Rose)

Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock) „The Bathroom“ Scene

Noblesse Oblige „Mata Hari“


Burning Man Austria “Schloss Schönburn”

The Trammps “Disco Inferno”

Deichkind „Der Mond“

Lady Gaga “Burn This Way


Berlin Radical Faerie City Gathering “Homage to the 100th anniversary of Mata Hari”

Grace Jones “Slave To The Rhythm”

Marlene Dietrich “You Go To My Head”

Comedian Harmonists “Tag und Nacht” (with Red Rose)


Faerie Beacon Gathering Hungary (Hévíz)

Dreamgirls (Musical) “Dreamgirl” (with Jumping Daffodil)

Joci Papai “Origo” – Homage to the Ethnic Groups in Hungary!

Ute Lemper “Fire„Paulo’s story (from the 9 secrets)

Charles Aznavour “For Me, Formidable”

Dionne Warwick / Burt Bacharach What the World Needs Now Is Love”

Salvador Sobral “Amar Pelos Dois”

Roxie Tart / S. Sondheim „No One Is Alone“ (Into the Wood) from With Luv, Roxie



Fools n Faeries: Easter Gathering, New Zealand:

“Tribute to the Maori and the NZL Radical Faeries”, Donny Hathaway “A Song For You” (with Iceleaf and Louis), Tina Turner “Let’s Stay Together” (with Day)

3rd China Faerie Gathering Beijing, China:

Georg Michael “Heel The Pain” (with Schifon), Tina Turner “We Don’t Need Another Hero”                                                                                                                                    In Bali

3rd “Sound of Faeries” Gathering Hochkönig, Austria:

Nat King Cole “Nature Boy” (with Mama Pixie), Marie Wegener

“Königlich” (with Red Rose), Shlomi Moto Wagner “Mata Hari”

2nd Burning Man Austria “Schloss Schönburn”:

„The Greatest Show“ from „The Greatest Showman“ (with Hanjo Unicorn)

Katy Perry “Firework” Equinox “Bones”

Sissi Mabon Equinox Gathering, Austria:

Austrian Folk Dance



“Many Fae Station Gathering” Lake Atitlan, Guatemala:

Conchita “Rise Like A New Sanctuary” Severija “Zu Asche, Zu Staub” Lady Gaga “Heal Me

Shirley Bassey “Moonraker” (with Red Rose)

2nd Berlin City Gathering: Walpurgisnacht

“Tribute to Berlin Babylon”: Severija “Zu Asche, Zu Staub”

Europride Vienna City Gathering “Tribute to 50 years Stonewall Roits”

Sylvester “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real),” Lady Gaga “Heal Me”                           In Transylvania

Golden Sands Black Sea Gathering Varna Bulgaria “Tribute to the Earth”

Marvin Gaye “Save the Children”, Shirley BasseyWhat Kind Of Fool Am I?” (with Dido), Marlene Dietrich “Just A Faerie-Oh”

3rd Burning Man Austria “Schloss Schönburn”:

„The Greatest Show“ from „The Greatest Showman“ (with Hanjo Unicorn)

Jennifer Lopez  “Do It Well

Lady Gaga “Heal Me

MATA HARI in Terschelling – rebirth of a legend

„Hey MataHari! Looking forward to see your grace at the notalentshow again!“ „You were fantastic“ „… so inspiring“ „I was really touched“ „you were the surprise of the evening“ „…these are the biggest compliments you can wish!“ SHE says! …. Since 2008 the faery world celebrates the rebirth of a legend – in secrecy – not perceived by the mainstream of the gay and straight world. „… and thus it should also go on!“ SHE says.  „this is my audience, they understand me –and they are also ready to let enchant and to get deeper in the fairy empire“ where charm, grace, but also sometimes pure wildness rules. „I do not make this for myself – I make it for many unique beings which cure me over and over again and to which I am obliged too so many thanks. I love these Faeries! I want to get them unforgettable touching moments in her life – that’s why we all are here! To experience this what is not possible in the real world there outdoors.“ But these enchanting moments exist – one must only allow them. One may not avoid to show emotions also sometimes – not as well as on television where every shown emotion is manipulated in the background. With the Faeries I feel every second of my life sensibly spent!“

But from which legend we speak here, actually? Mata Hari was the most famous dancer of her time quite exactly 100 years ago. Mata Hari was famous in the time before and during the First World War as the first exotic naked dancer and eccentric artist. Today besides she is valid as the best known spy of all times. However, she became a legend because she was executed during the 1st world war because of supposed high treason by a French military court.

She led a double life, „and with it she can be also compared to many of ours and to my life. Externally we lead the life to earn money, we adapt ourselves to the world, but internally most of us are not happy with this world, they cannot unfold her being and her heart, they cannot do this and live what they really want.“ With the faeries they are able to do it! They can accept a new identity and also give the name to themselves which they want!

„I did not have to consider long about my faeriename, my passion for dancing and the destiny of Mata Hari let me very strongly identify with her! In addition I also soon found out that Mata Hari was born in Leeuwarden, a small Dutch town on the coast, within sight only some kilometres away from the island where in the middle of the 90-s the first Faeriegatherings have taken place in Europe – on Terschelling! Which name should be better suitable for me?“

Since then there is no big Faeriegathering in Europe or sometimes also in Asia, where also Mata Hari does not appear. „In the beginning I did it absolutely spontaneously, now my visions for performances and choreography often already float to me months before,“ SHE says. „To me homages on personalities are very important which have made the world better or the people and me happier and have enriched; just as the memory of late or living Faeries which have changed my life …, however, also the discussion with the destruction of the nature. When I was for the first time in Folleterre and felt this wild beauty there, I was driven internally in addition to draw the attention to how cruelly we handle with the creations of the nature: After a wild sacrifice dance I let me die as a King Kong in the middle of the audience under the fairies.“

Mata Hari delivered with it a performance unforgettable for all person present which founded her legendary call in the faerie world. „I look at this also as a homage to my real models, namely women like Dian Fossey and still living Jane Goodall which her whole life exerted itself long for the rights of the apes and with it in the broader sense for the rights of the people on human life-styles, worth living surroundings and a better world.“

„What is also especially important to me – with my performances I make absolutely no compromises. I want to show this what I want to convey, give 100% really and everything – otherwise I do not make it – even if it means for many people a taboo break. But I want to be so near in the deeper sense of the shown as only possibly. Only then it has a value for me to show it and then it also gives to me pleasure. Also sometimes it’s part of it to seem very glamorous and ceremonious, possibly as Cleopatra with my homage on the late Hollywood diva and AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor – or also sexily and in the nude like with the homage to the only just late Faerie Mercedes or to Michael Jackson, … I also put once to one of the holy Faeries, it was Shokti, a burning candle in the mouth, as a symbol for it, how nicely, charmingly and endangers a face can be. … The Faeries understand this, because they see with the heart!“

The turning point was for Mata Hari her first performance in Terschelling in 2009 where she danced the song L’Aigle noir of the legendary French singer Barbara. „Many faeries in the chock-full barn were so quiet during my dance that one could hear breathing an ant. And after my last movement an ear-deafening applause broke out. … When I woke up in the morning afterwards and these wonderful moments on the stage and the reaction of the Faeries came to me again to recollection, yes, there I felt an infinite blessedness. I. Mata … Hari … was born again!“