The Quiet Paradise at the Borderland

– why this Sanctuary in Austria is so important for me! –

A very personal report from a quiet gatherette



Since this weekend I know the true meaning which this “Wunderort” only 1 hour away from Vienna has for me and why this soon real Faerieland has taken me more and more. Because I was with a shock of the brutal and stupid excesses of civilization – namely the crime brought back to reality. Our city apartment in Vienna was a week earlier, on 12 April 2013 robbed and the stolen cell phone service was located by police two days later in Bulgaria. My Faerie altar was desecrated. My original Indian Hanuman statues from Varanasi and the Taj Mahal miniature were stolen – not as valuable in material, but on symbolic value. Parts of my appearance robe as Mata Hari have disappeared, such as the 15 meter long red and gold fabric, in which at the beginning of my performance during Folleterre Summergathering 2012 I and at the end all other faeries were wrapped. How crazy and poor are parts of civilization that they must steal from the Faerie space? How disgusting people can be who have never heard of the true idea of ​​the Radical Faeries?

But no matter – one they will never be able to desecrate – our Sanctuary! And for this wondrous place my soul now demanded urgently. I knew that there I could find my inner peace again. Because this wonderland was made by ANIMALS and MOTHER NATURE to what it is, a sacred place – and this space cannot be deconsecrated by man. A Sanctuary is not only a place of celebration and togetherness, it is not only beautiful, created by nature or enchanted by the faeries, but it may be primarily a haven for souls “brought out of balance” and a refugium which brings us back the belief in humanity. The humans – in this case the faeries – who discovered this space for themselves – have only borrowed this space from nature – as our inner source of strength, the last place of refuge – and which may be only a place in nature, which our heart has chosen as a home. In the Sanctuary we find the divine silence again, what we need to resist this constant manipulation of a merciless material-minded civilization and media – a brainwashing that wants us to constantly persuade that nature in its many manifestations and their spirit behind it is worth nothing, and if it is worth something, then just to earn money with it. The last weekend I called for a Quiet Gatherette. I longed for this total serenity-which does not exist in civilization. I needed this retreat to refuel the strength to go on my way positive, which is the way of Faerie movement in Central Europe – with every part of my body and soul! Each of these wondrous free animals I have encountered at this resort, and every evening again there looking for their tree as their home and going to bed, sent me the message to stand up for this Faerie Wonderland to fight for its preservation, for some of my time to invest, to work for it. My children and the many faeries sent me through the ether world this message into my heart.  Flowers How incredible it is yet to come out of the house before the onset of total darkness and listen to the pheasants on the trees all around, as they lie down to sleeping, or even as they flee before thee there upon the nearest tree. Or as the nocturnal bats flutter from their hiding tree and the owls send their miraculous calls in the silence – where deer and rabbits jump into the Sanctuary to hide or flee scared when you go through the forest, where you hear the bees buzzing everywhere in the Sanctuary, where opalescent butterflies fly around when you enjoy breakfast outside, where the sparrows play a concert at almost any time of day, where you come across again and again to nuts bearing of mice. To find the ladybugs on almost every flower and relaxed snails crawling in the morning dew. Yes, everything I’ve seen here.

Of two animals that I have directly perceived this weekend, I would like to highlight the symbolic importance as a mirror of the soul. The pheasant was always the symbol of religion – well, although the Radical Faeries are the exact opposite of a dogma, but the spiritual power that lies in the encounter with pheasants tells us what is really important in life and how we should align ourselves. And bats symbolize the rebirth (which we should actually celebrate as people daily, especially as Faerie). More truthful a symbiosis with the elements of nature I cannot imagine after my traumatic experience a week earlier. I also would like to mention a little very amusing experience I had before the fence door of the Sanctuaries after getting up on Sunday morning: two gorgeous male pheasant ran hastily thereof in my appearance over the fields, when I caught her red-handed making love. – The fauna is sooo faerie here! Oh I’ m loving it! – But here the animals nothing bad happens, here the faeries are actually the invaders, but they are also its allies, because they want to preserve this paradise and make it even more fantastic – and the animals accept it gratefully. I think in no other Faerie Sanctuary worldwide you can experience so many wild animals immediately around you in such a connectedness. What is going on here just in a single tree you can hardly see in a zoo in this diversity. Here, however, all the animals and fairies are united in freedom and gentleness and they have chosen it as their sanctuary, the place to which they return again and again. Nature also finally begins to bloom. Violets and bright yellow-orange marigolds sprout from the ground. Buds are already everywhere to be seen. Spring is awakening, probably the most beautiful season, when everything comes to life and this wonderland like no other shows you the true values ​​of life. These are mainly the work in this enchanted place, creating space for the future life and pleasures here, the Dispose of “old burdens”, repairing (including mental) damage caused in the course of time and planning for the activities in the immediate future.

I felt this Quiet Gatherette where Red Rose, El and I were three on Saturday and four on Sunday with Roswitha, to be tremendous relaxing and mentally blissful, although we have worked almost all the time in the rooms. But the sun was always smiling at us. I had fun and it was really relaxing to free many of the rooms of the cobwebs and Red Rose cleaned all sanitary facilities. We found many hidden ideal treasures that have accumulated here over 35 years and which are sent for recycling. Here is a creative paradise and we are all of good cheer, to create a true Faerie Space for the future here.

For this purpose Community Weeks will be held here in the next few years, where everything necessary for the conservation and making alive of this “silent paradise at the end of the world” is done and thus can stay enough Faeries here.

So nothing stands in your way of the inauguration of “Els Wonderland” in August and thus the re-inauguration of my desecrated Vienna Faerie Apartment, we are really looking forward to it.

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