MANIFESTO for a Rethink – Manifesto for a Faerie Movement in Austria and Global

Lets look at the Earth from “ABOVE”. We see a beautiful bright little ball in the vast universe. However when looking at the earth more closely, we see that it is punctured with the bright or dark cobwebs of civilized humanity, with its electricity, roads and settlements. And we see the many holes humanity has beaten out of the planet to get as many resources as possible from her. And we accelerate this damage with our greed for goods, and the demands of a ‘progressive’ world without really realizing something.

But in the next 40 years this current form of CIVILIZATION WILL NO LONGER EXIST – because all the oil reserves will be depleted, a resource that civilization is essentially based on. This is a FACT, which everybody refuses to admit, including the media. We live cheerfully and continue exploit the earth, without any regard for our future. We are externally determined by industry, the economy, environmentally hostile political agendas aimed at gaining votes, and the rich and the media who want to make money NOW with no consequence for the World’s future. And we all fall for it! We no longer know what is REALLY IMPORTANT in life! We are no longer human to another – in every way. Ridiculing reigns in our media. Everyone survives by the judging each other. There is no real respect for each other. We do nothing to ensure the long-lasting happiness of each other. What matters is the short-lived success!

The holes in our world are not healing anymore – but more and more we ignore the warning signs around us. The signs which our very life-force, the earth itself sends to us! We do not consider the earth as a LIVING SOUL – because we ourselves have no soul anymore! IT MUST END! Or we all perish! – For the earth is stronger! We cannot beat her. We can only destroy our human race and civilisation.

If we do not act now it will be too late. We have only two choices: we will have to fight for the last living resources, OR we will be FAIRIES – FAERIES – the protector of the earth, nature and therefore the people. If we don’t see A SOUL in everything around us both in our NEIGHBORS and in our remaining NATURE, in its APPARITIONS and the EARTH, we will all go down! The Earth will continue to exist, and on it’s own terms. She has skillfully done so for billions of years – without us! We could change that still! BUT ONLY IF OUR CIVILIZATION Changes NOW – and not in 40 years! Because it has to change anyway. But in 40 years, the Earth will not recover from the damage we have inflicted on her. The UN has long made clear the unmistakable consequences of climate change. Yet powerful business enterprises have continued to act in the interest of profit and greed at the expense of humanity and our children – and the Earth!

But it could be all so simple: We could on the one hand live by the values that the original inhabitants of the earth, the indigenous peoples, such as Native Americans who have always exemplified a life in harmony with nature, and on the other hand a true and peaceful  COMPASSION for their NEIGHBOURS – as the faeries have done for over 30 years.

The dream has always been with the Faeries, this togetherness, this respecting of nature and the people. This applies not just when we meet, but outside of our community – and we aim to be also able to apply this to the real world, to real life – to make the world livable and lovable!  But to make this enormous new courage and energy clear to the other people – we were far too few till now. For anyone who has lived with the Radical Faeries, it appears somehow absurd, soulless and unnatural to live in this “civilization” out there. Most values of the so-called civilization are perceived as false pretenses.  What is praised as desirable goals in the real world is perceived by the faeries as far from a meaningful life for the human race and the environment.

Although most early Faeries would describe themselves as queer or gay, this does not mean that they could be defined as crazy or abnormal. This is their way of life – as they live together. On the contrary, for the Radical Faeries, it is modern civilization that is dominated by actual deviants, unnatural, soulless, unimaginative, inhuman prejudiced people where only sex counts, and the freedoms which democracy offers thanks be to God, to be abused by many through money and greed. The faeries would like to see this world, this civilization as a true place of the soul, the body and the mind – which it is not currently.

In truth, we Faeries have genuine compassion for others and the nature AND we LIVE THIS!’

Although it still sounds absurd – In truth, the world will have to be a fairy world in 40 years, or it will no longer exist! In truth, the world NOW must immediately be a fairy world so that in 40 years we still can experience it as a paradise on earth. We cannot leave the earth to industry, the economy, politics, the rich, the media, the religions, the money and the negative energy!

People need to reclaim the Earth again. We cannot leave the decision about the fate of the earth and the people to “beer tables” of the rich and corporations, but in the hearts of men – in the Heart Circles of faeries!

Will you be the first to realize this, our grandchildren and our planet will thank us! – We as faeries have not looked away as has almost the entire present civilization! We lived with our hearts!


Austria is ready for the faeries! Austria is NOT the island of the blessed anymore, Austria is to be the island of SOULS! – which radiates POSITIVE FAERIE ENERGY!

All human beings are not only brothers and sisters – but: ALL PEOPLE ARE FAERIES!

DO SOMETHING! Love FINALLY! – Before we cannot do it anymore!


Only utopians can CHANGE the world!

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