The 1. Faerie Gathering in Austria 2013 (RFD-report)

 “The Faerie Gathering in Austria was FANTASTIC … a rollercoaster of fun, dance, rhythm, love, erotism, talks, magic, soul ….!”


In Austria this summer there were both a temporary and a new permanent manifestation of faerie love. Europe is about to be home to a second faerie sanctuary. 8 years after the inauguration of Folleterre in the Vosges Mountains of north eastern France, came the Kissing Awake of Weinviertel Sanctuary, a new faerie home in Austria.

Ceremonials to kiss awake the new land happened 15-16 August and were followed by a faerie trek west across the country to the Sound of Music territory of Salzburg where 63 faeries from 14 different countries (including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Czechia, England, Israel and USA) met for the first full 10 day Austrian Gathering. It was a bigger success than we could imagine! Many lives have definitely changed! Still the emotions roll over – but in the most positive way!

We could show the whole (faerie) world what faerie spirit and faerie energy is and could be. I was only the one who gave so many wonderful faeries from all over the world the opportunity in the most unexpected but real nature to BE what they really ARE – people longing for the real magical spirit and making them appreciate to what faeries and human beings are possible to create if you let them step out of this mainstream mentality.


The Indian God Ganesha showed me this image that you are a sexual person and maybe whenever I wake up at night I will have this image in my mind – to believe that the time of regretting anything in your life is over now. You never should regret anything that happened to you in your life. It all brought you to these 10 days of love and respect and diversity. I really was kissed awake these 10 days – starting 2 days before in the opening ceremony of the sanctuary in Austria.

For me it was the “Sound of DIVERSITY” Gathering –and I did not want any other gathering! It is so important that everybody on earth feels accepted – some faeries still have to work on this, but you have to give them time to accept this.


Maybe the most touching moments for me was the closing ceremony – very simple, but when the Music of Mozart –the overture of Don Giovanni started – the whole atmosphere + the whole gathering transformed again. I really could see in the eyes – that this was such a great moment in all the lives of the faeries who were in this circle when we all started to kiss and to light up the candles and to look into each other eyes: We directly went into heaven at this moment – it was unbelievable beautiful. This moment I wanted to create! This moment Mozart wanted to create! This was true entrance to Paradise.

And looking deeply into the eyes of each faerie made me very calm and grateful. I really saw

each heart at its most beautiful moment. There are no other words to describe that. 25 hearts

being ONE! Real living, real love, everybody touched. Life animating the whole. Faeries animating the whole. And when we blew out the candles we closed the gathering. It was so unreal that this Magic really happened and that it should end now.

No, it will continue in our hearts – through our spirit and energy we will spread it out to the whole world – and it will manifest again in 2 years at this place and we all will come together again – sharing love, peace, hearts, problems and hope! – that this world is a better one – a faerie world!

– because we all know that spirit, heartfulness + stillness unites us all – and the sound of faeries in faerie diversity

– and we deeply and completely love and accept this!



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