MATA HARI’s Performances at Faerie Gatherings 2008 – 2017


Wolf Creek  Permaculture and Sustainability Gathering:

The discovery of Faerie Spirit (at the sun altar)


1st Berlin Wannsee Gathering: Madonna “Give it to me



Fatherstone Winter Gathering: Madonna “Jump


10th Terschelling Gathering: Mata Hari’s “Rebirth”

Barbara “Vienne”, “L’Aigle noir” (Rebirth performance)



Fatherstone Winter Gathering: “Tribute to Michael Jackson+”:

Michael Jackson “Gone too soon”, “Childhood”, “Jam


2nd Berlin Wannsee Gathering: “Tribute to Berlin”

Fellini’s Casanova “Il Duce di Wurttemberg

Hildegard Knef/Nina Hagen ”Für mich soll‘s rote Rosen regnen” (with Cocopierre)


Folleterre  Summer Gathering: “Tribute to France”,”Sacrificed to a wild animal”:

Juliette Greco ”Avec le temps

King Kong (Max Steiner) “Aboriginal Sacrifice Dance”, “Entrance of Kong” (as King Kong)



Thailand Ko Yau Yai Asian Gathering: “Tribute to India”

A.R.Rahman “Dreams on Fire”, “Jai Ho” (from Slumdog Millionaire)

Charles Aznavour “What makes a man” (with Franz Bloem)


11th Terschelling Gathering: “Homage to Elizabeth Taylor+”

Michael Jackson “Hollywood” (as Cleopatra)

Charles Chaplin / E. Taylor “Send me the Clowns” (with Ankh-Aton)


Folleterre Summer Gathering:  “Homage to 2 dead Faeries+: Mercedes, geZel”

Spencer Day “Maybe”, “Vagabond

Lady Gaga “Marry the Night



Fatherstone Winter Gathering: “Tribute to Michelangelo”

Arvo Pärt: “Collage sur Bach” (as a group)

“Tribute to George Michael”

George Michael “Jesus to a Child”, “The first Time I ever saw your Face” (with Shokti +Pikachu+Loverabbit), “Flawless


3rd Berlin Wannsee Gathering: “Homage to Transgenial dead Women+”

Whitney Houston+ “I have Nothing” (with Gabriel and Ankh-Aton)

Sammy Davis Jr./ Paul Anka “I’m Not Anyone

Amy Winehouse+ “Wake Up Alone” (with Red Rose)


Folleterre Summer Gathering: “The Birth of the Faeries”

Karl Orff “Carmina Burana” (as a group)

John Lennon “Imagine” (with Jonny Golightly)

Beatles / Mata Hari ”Faerieday


1st Equinox in Vienna (Arena Bar) Herbst



Fatherstone “The End of the World and the beginning of a new Faerie Aera”

Adele ”Skyfall” (with Efthimios and Tiny Viking)

Nick Howard “Unbreakable

Elton John “I’m Still Standing


2nd Equinox in Vienna (Marea Alta) Frühling


KISSING AWAKE the Sanctuary (Hadres Austria):

Boy George ”Stranger In This World

Strawinsky “Le Sacre de Printemps” (with Red Rose)


1st “Sound of Faeries” Gathering Hochkönig Austria: “The Faerie Revolution”

Lehar (The Merry Widow) “Lippen schweigen” (with Red Rose)

Falko ”No time for Revolution” (with Awen, Aismalya, Aki, Black Panther, Efthimios)

Beatles “Let it be” (with Yellow Longhair)

Elisabeth von Trapp ”Somewhere over the Rainbow/ What A Wonderful World

Peter Alexander “Der letzte Walzer”, “Dankeschön” (with Red Rose)


3rd Equinox in Vienna (Arena Bar) Herbst


Wintergathering Pfaffenseifen: “Hommage to Freedom and Nelson Mandela+”,

Lady Gaga: “AURA

Youssou N’Dour: “She doesn’t need to fall” (with Tadzio)

“Hommage to Love”: Josephine Baker: “Besame Mucho” (with Yellow Longhair)



Fatherstone “Hommage to David Bowie”

Jean Cocteau ”La Belle et la Bete” (with Eddi)

David Bowie “The Beauty and the Beast” “Where are we now” (with Eddi)

“Hommage to J.R.R.Tolkien”: Ed Sheeran “I see Fire” (with Ananga + T.Viking)

Judi Garland “It’s a new world” (with Woodpigeon)


Short Mountain Sanctuary BELTANE: “Greetings from Vienna”

Deanna Durbin “Blue Danube Dream” Spring Parade / Johann Strauss / Robert Stolz

Kissing + Touching the European Sacred Faerie Shawl (with Wallace / Bangee Report Chicago)


Folleterre Summer Gathering: „Tribute to Beloved“

Vincenzo Bellini Norma „Casta Diva“ (by Maria Callas)

Tribute to Conchita Wurst “Rise like a Faerie


4th Equinox in Vienna (Arena Bar) Herbst


Gavdos Gathering: “Hommage to Greece”

Claude Debussy “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune” (as Nijinsky’s Faun)

Mata Hari / Conchita Wurst “Rise like a Faerie

Vicky Leandros “You make me feel brandnew” (with Black Panther, Efthimios and Daniel) “Don’t break my heart” (with Red Rose)

Rona Nishliu “Suus” (performing the Eurovision Song Contest song of Albania 2013)

Reinhard Fendrich / Mata Hari “I am from Faerieland” (with Red Rose)

James Broughton “Wondrous – Two Dudes in Love” (presenting the Sacred Shawl)



Tribal Vision Folleterre: “Hommage to the Faeries”

Jerry Herman „We Are What We Are“ (La Cage aux Folles) with Junis, DeeTale, Michael and Divine

Edson Cordeiro “Lovesong

Conchita Wurst “You Are Unstoppable


Summer Gathering Folleterre:

Willkommen” (Cabaret) with Serendipity

Queen “The Show Must Go On

Homage to Billy Holliday “Tenderly” (with Atlantis and Petit bison)


2nd “Sound of Faeries” Gathering Hochkönig Austria:

Leo Fall Operetta Die Kaiserin “Einzug zum Maskenball” (with Lala Lametta, ESsss and Flora)

In Memory of the Nazi Terror in Austria: Theme From Schindler’s List

Burt Bacharach “A House is not a Home” (with Mother Goose)

Tribute to Udo Jürgens “Mercie Faerie” (with Yellow Longhair)

Amit Hayo “I am Happy, I am Gay” (with Amit Hayo)


Faerie X-Mas Vision Gathering: (SPA Belgium)

Jacques Brel “Quand on a que l’amour”, “Je suis un soir d’été, Je suis a Radical Faerie” (with Alexis)

Diana Coupland “Underneath the mango tree” (with Red Rose)

Queen “One Vision” (with Tinkabell and Freedom)



1st Wintergathering Israel: near Gaza “Hommage to Blackstar”

David Bowie+ “Girl Loves Me”

Burt Bacharach “Close to You” in Gratitude to the Israel Radical Faeries

Natalie Cole+ “Nature boy”

John Lennon “Give Peace a Chance” (with Ananda)


Faeborhood Gathering: (Portland, Oregon)

Remember: Life is short  (Reading from my book „Rise Like A Faerie“ in

Memoria of the Massagre in Orlando the day before)


Summer Gathering Folleterre:

Native American Healing Song


1st Waterlilies Gathering Hungary: (Heviz)

Feeling my Waterlilieness


Samhain Fatherstone: „Homage to Prince+“

Prince „If I Was Your Girlfriend“ (with Luca Loopa)

Barbara Streisand Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory „Pure Imagination“ (with Phalles)

Homage to Mark Thompson+ and „The Fire in Moonlight“: Reading from the book: „Rise Like A Faerie“: „The Magic of Good Bye“

Berlin No Talent Show

Lady Gaga: “Perfect Illusion” Anti Trump Populism Demo

Zarah Leander: “Davon geht die Welt nicht unter” (with Red Rose)

Reinhard Fendrich: “Du bist schön

Barbara Schöneberg: “Liebesleben” (with Red Rose)

Leonhard Cohan+ “Hallelujah”


Wintergathering Breitenbush “Hommage to Native Americans and People of Colour”

John Trudell+ “The Only One For Me” (with Leroy, Elf 9, Lion and Wagu)

Prince+ “I Would Die 4 U”


Rebirth Gathering Drouwen, Netherlands

“Tribute to Rebirth”: Patti Smith “Spell”

“Tribute to George Michael+”

George Michael + “Through”,Amazing“ (with Maurice „Mother Goose”),

“Flawless”+Freeek!“ (catwalk with Tempest, Hole, Squirrel and Dido)


FAEBorhood Vienna City Gathering

Madonna “Vogue” (catwalk with Gizem, Salvia und Theoklymenos)

Rosenstolz “Gib mir Sonne”

Whitney Houston “I’m Every Woman

Charlie Murphy “Gay Spirit”

Robert Campbell “Dreamboy“ (with Red Rose)

Bruno Mars “Gorilla”

Lady Gaga “Born This Way” (catwalk with Gizem, Salvia und Tom)


Summer Gathering Folleterre

Fighting Global Warming: Anohni 4 Degrees”(with Moccha)

Bjork “Venus as a Boy” (with Galactica, Atlantis, Foxy, Moccha and Smile)

Global Gathering Fatherstone “Tribute to Stonewall Roits and Judy Garland”

Judy Garland “That’s Entertainment!” (with Dark Angel)

Judy Garland “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (with Ivy, Fabrice and Ez)


DRAGula Gathering Transylvania “Tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show “Over At The Frankenstein Place” (with Theoklymenos), “I Can Make You A Man” (with Axel), “Super Heroes” and “Time Warp”

Dracula (Musical)“Einsamer Mann” (with Red Rose)

Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock) „The Bathroom“ Scene

Noblesse Oblige „Mata Hari“


Burning Man Austria “Schloss Schönburn”

The Trammps “Disco Inferno”

Deichkind „Der Mond“

Lady Gaga “Burn This Way


Berlin Radical Faerie City Gathering “Homage to the 100th anniversary of Mata Hari”

Grace Jones “Slave To The Rhythm”

Marlene Dietrich “You Go To My Head”

Comedian Harmonists “Tag und Nacht” (with Red Rose)


Faerie Beacon Gathering Hungary (Hévíz)

Dreamgirls (Musical) “Dreamgirl” (with Jumping Daffodil)

Joci Papai “Origo” – Homage to the Ethnic Groups in Hungary!

Ute Lemper “Fire„Paulo’s story (from the 9 secrets)

Charles Aznavour “For Me, Formidable”

Dionne Warwick / Burt Bacharach What the World Needs Now Is Love”

Salvador Sobral “Amar Pelos Dois”

Roxie Tart / S. Sondheim „No One Is Alone“ (Into the Wood) from With Luv, Roxie



Fools n Faeries: Easter Gathering, New Zealand:

“Tribute to the Maori and the NZL Radical Faeries”, Donny Hathaway “A Song For You” (with Iceleaf and Louis), Tina Turner “Let’s Stay Together” (with Day)

3rd China Faerie Gathering Beijing, China:

Georg Michael “Heel The Pain” (with Schifon), Tina Turner “We Don’t Need Another Hero”                                                                                                                                    In Bali

3rd “Sound of Faeries” Gathering Hochkönig, Austria:

Nat King Cole “Nature Boy” (with Mama Pixie), Marie Wegener

“Königlich” (with Red Rose), Shlomi Moto Wagner “Mata Hari”

2nd Burning Man Austria “Schloss Schönburn”:

„The Greatest Show“ from „The Greatest Showman“ (with Hanjo Unicorn)

Katy Perry “Firework” Equinox “Bones”

Sissi Mabon Equinox Gathering, Austria:

Austrian Folk Dance



“Many Fae Station Gathering” Lake Atitlan, Guatemala:

Conchita “Rise Like A New Sanctuary” Severija “Zu Asche, Zu Staub” Lady Gaga “Heal Me

Shirley Bassey “Moonraker” (with Red Rose)

2nd Berlin City Gathering: Walpurgisnacht

“Tribute to Berlin Babylon”: Severija “Zu Asche, Zu Staub”

Europride Vienna City Gathering “Tribute to 50 years Stonewall Roits”

Sylvester “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real),” Lady Gaga “Heal Me”                           In Transylvania

Golden Sands Black Sea Gathering Varna Bulgaria “Tribute to the Earth”

Marvin Gaye “Save the Children”, Shirley BasseyWhat Kind Of Fool Am I?” (with Dido), Marlene Dietrich “Just A Faerie-Oh”

3rd Burning Man Austria “Schloss Schönburn”:

„The Greatest Show“ from „The Greatest Showman“ (with Hanjo Unicorn)

Jennifer Lopez  “Do It Well

Lady Gaga “Heal Me

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