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The „Sound of Faeries“- Gathering 2013 Report (longversion)

I must admit that I did not want to leave this new Sanctuary in Austria at the border to Czechia at this very moment after this wonderful touching KISSING AWAKE ceremony; everything was so calm and gentle. I could not imagine that there should start a full 10 days gathering – mainly organized by me. But I had to face reality –faerie reality. And I started the track west to the gathering – not knowing what was expecting me – but with my only real intention, to have an open heart for all and to feel and bring and spread good energy – to let it flow in Austria – and the reactions worldwide show me – yes! Everybody appreciated that! I felt calm every time. And I felt grateful every minute of the gathering for bringing my dream come true! And it started again with a surprise for me: The 4 masked faeries from the Kissing AWAKE came back! The 4 Musketeers! Yoohoo and they transformed the Mitterberghaus into a real faeriespace – with lots of wonders of decoration skills. The house was not to recognize again – next morning! Yes the gathering was nearly ready to begin. We still had to hiss the rainbow flag over the space and fix the Austrian Faerie Banner. It was done!


Nearly 42 to 45 faeries arrived the first Saturday during the whole day and I was so happy that they all arrived safely! At the end there were about 63 faeries participating. I really wanted to welcome all personally as I also had so nice contact with most of them during the registration process the months before the gathering. It was so important for me to give them a feeling to be welcomed from the first moment on so that they do not feel alone or unaccepted and that they get the room that they wanted. I must say that although I was the main organizer I could enjoy the gathering a lot – because all the faeries were really nice to me – and for some Austrian Faeries it was a new experience that they had to deal with. Sure I was a little strict to some of the other organizers but it was for the care of the faeries that still had to arrive and wanted to find a safe space. I could not have done that all without Red Rose, my partner – and maybe from all participants he had to suffer the most – I had to experience that 2 times during the gathering when he definitely wanted to leave the place because of that he felt that he was not respected enough – which for him was true – and I had to give him all my love to keep him away from leaving.

In the evening of the first Saturday we had a lovely Welcome circle which Red Rose and I opened with dancing a Viennese Waltz within the circle. In the night we had an intensive Singing Bowl meditation in the indoor Heart circle room.


On Sunday we had our first practical circle in the morning and our first heart circle afterwards outside afterwards looking into that monumental scenery of the mountains in front of us. During the love temple inauguration ritual a big rain and thunderstorm came before it was my turn to the inauguration and l was totally afraid of the next lightning which could have killed 10 faeries in the outdoor love temple including Bindu, Max and me. But immediately before my ritual started I could hear that the rain got less – and I felt more safely during my blessing heart ceremony. As the indoor love temple we all tried to hug and bless and stroke the priests and then thank god – was also blessed us – but in the gentlest way I could imagine. It was no fear here – I was happy! I showed beauty and heartiness to some faeries. Then the Aussi faeries came and I was happy to show Velvet the outdoor love temple – now without the thunderstorm – in my mind I could imagine a reunion between Austria and Australia! But then we had a big party and I had to show Red Rose a lot of love so that he again loved himself. From now on I said it in every heart circle – please appreciate Red Rose! He needs it! – I am strong – my borders are far away – but he is very sensitive and sensible although he looks very big. I fell asleep very late around 4 am, maybe because of the upcoming full moon, the rituals in the love temple, the drumming till late at night, the problems with my partner.

So I felt very tired the next morning and I also could hear that for some faeries the music from the ground floor into the first floor was too loud during the night. But I was happy to see that Velvet enjoyed the day although the weather was not too good during the day. Bindu were facilitating a wonderful mandala workshop and lots of faeries were participating. We had a very impressive evening heart circle inside where Velvet also expressed his anger against the situation in Russia for gays.


On Tuesday morning he had to leave and we had the big ICE CAVE TOUR – where I was the guide – and all faeries agreed with that – where Mata Hari is there the space is safe – so I was very happy and honoured to hear that – although some faeries thought that the mountain tour up to 300 meters would be very easy and not so dangerous – which I did not believe for different reasons as also the house keepers did not agree in that. There were discussions about that – and 5 faeries went out to sleep outside faeriespace at the Mountain top. Well, they came back safely 2 days later, but they had to admit that it was more exhausting than they thought before. But they all survived – and that was the most important!

The Ice Cave Tour was a big success for the whole group of 29 faeries who made this unique experience in the biggest ice cave in the world.  I discovered that for the oldest faerie Mother Goose (79 years old, nearly 80) this tour was a big challenge, so I always had to stay at his side to give him every support he needed: mental and physical! – and I could see that he dah to struggle a lot with the 700 steps up to the top of the cave having nearly no pause to rest because there were another 1000 people behind him – bit we were fighting for his pauses to rest and at the end we really made it! And I was so overwhelmed that he NEVER COMPLAINED about this walk or having not enough pauses to rest or about the stress that we had. He was a shining inspiring example for me, maybe one of the greatest I have ever seen: a wonder of wisdom, Love and Humidity, but also a little craziness which I loved very much. For all of us Austrian Faeries who always like to complain and suffer from too little positive and tend to criticize and are discontented with everything they have – Look at this 79 year old man! – who grew up in the 2nd world war, who always felt bad about his being gay because education told him that you always have to feel guilty about yourself. How brave he masters his life! Why do you (Austrians) always complain about everything although you live in paradise? – compared with the poverty of the other whole world. What makes you so arrogant not to be grateful with that what you have! You will never learn anything of life if you don’t start to appreciate the outside world – the outlaws, the real world – the faeries? Nothing has a value if you do not appreciate all the other creatures – except to you – and the nature which brought this all alive! STOP thinking bullshit all the time about others and about yourself! STOP feeling pity about yourself! Finally begin to grow up Austria! Stop to know everything better! You are not better if you do not appreciate the other! – Whatever it is – in any shape! I only felt safe during the whole gathering because I had Mother Goose beside me – and a lot other friends, whom I found in faerie space – like my brothers from Israel, the faeries who came from Folleterre – and a lot of faeries whom I regularly meet at gatherings!

At the end of the day we all were very tired and soon fell asleep. We transferred the full moon ritual to the next evening, but in fact at 1am we could see the full moon through the clouds – and so we had a big romantic faerie hug under the moon light.

We had a romantic night at the fire and I was most overwhelmed when Max, Weston and Shokti were performing Mata Hari on drums!


Wednesday started with a meditation into 4 directions and active Sufi movements. During the day we had a never-ending heart circle inside in the circle room, a very intensive and deep one – and when I went out for a pee I got in touch that a problem about politeness between Red Rose and El broke up that could have made my feelings totally collapse – If I would not have had this strong belief in peace and faeriespace in me – which really worked! – I brought a new energy into the heart circle when I came back and I also discovered that also other faeries had a problem with being accepted in faerie space. So my feeling was that this gathering from now on was the “Sound of Diversity” Gathering for me instead of the “Sound of Faeries” Gathering – which I also expressed in the heart circle. My real intention was that I would only organize a gathering in Austria and would like to be in a gathering where REAL diversity is possible and accepted! NO censorship and NO leaders! Where nobody is excluded – yet Spirit, Heart, Love, Acceptance, Appreciation and GOOD Energy rule!!! This is my real belief and intention! Of course, organizing the first time a gathering – specially at a new place in Austria is a big challenge for me – and not everybody can be perfect the first time, and we all learn from mistakes. But I wanted to make a good gathering and only bringing positive energy to it – then I am convinced you will get positive energy back. And it really worked! If you don’t let negative energy be part of you – it works! But you have to be very sure before you start the event. You really have to fill every atom of you with peace and love – then you will be calm in every second also if you are totally exhausted. But your borders will be far away! I really discovered it was a new experience for me – a transformation – and this strength I also got from Saint Barbara who is situated at the creek near the hostel. She was shining on me throughout the whole gathering! Thank you Barbara! Before dinner we had a relaxing Shaking Kundalini Workshop where we all were shaking off many of our sorrows. We had a beautiful full moon ritual – facilitated by Bindu, Shokti and Tweesprong. Before the ceremony started inside the house the facilitators asked us to paint the positive and the negative energy we feel inside. I painted a spiral – and when I came out of the house I really saw a spiral of candles which I had foreseen beautifully arranged by the full moon priests. Yes my imagination was really synchronous to the faerie energy. We made beautiful squarel dance around the fire with the candles inspired by Awen!  Before we sat around the fire and kissed each other! Thank you full moon for shining for us faeries of the Austrian Gathering – you blessed us! – And we saw you through the mirror in the water which we all were carrying to the fireplace. You have enchanted and transformed us and made it a real mountain ceremony – a real highlight for everybody of us! Another funny climax was the “bum-parade” which was really great fun where every nation showed their beautiful bum – it was also very sexy to see that also young faeries could jump beyond their moral boundaries.


On Thursday there was a massage and skill sharing workshop and a wonderful heart circle outside. We had a Hebrew meal and I had a deep and long talk with a faerie about acceptance. But finally I got the feeling that faeriespace is the right space for him – although for the first time it is difficult for everybody – but for me he is one of the most talented faeries I knew and I love him deeply. In fact I really need him – he makes me really appreciating this gathering! Without him this gathering would not have been perfect for me! He is just that what my soul rally needs! Also when I listened to him in a heart circle it was totally my thinking he is so right in everything! He is a dream come true for me! But also the 4 boys from Israel were fantastic! They brought this spice into the gathering – they are really treasure. They are spirit – they are lovely – they are music – they are blessed!

The Sound of Music Video evening was good for a lot of faeries who are not so much into dance and drumming and for some of them this made their day and a dream came true seeing this “so faerie” Hollywood movie nearly at the spot where it was filmed. With a lot of fun, karaoke singing, laughter and explanations that you have passed already some film locations during the ice cave tour the day before, like the castle of Hohenwerfen – the day ended.

We are all queer and gay – and we should finally enjoy this gift that Mother Nature gave us! It took me 40 years to accept this! I always also felt guilty about myself. But now on Friday there also was this wonderful EFT workshop (Emotional Freedom Technique), where you learn – although you are not perfect or you are gay, bi, lesbian or whatever – you deeply and completely love and accept yourself. Supporting this you can always dip with your fingers on these special points of your face and body. Thanks to Ganesha for teaching us to love ourselves and the earth!


Friday was also the day of the No Talent Show! Taking part was the highlight for a lot of faeries – not for me this time I was really very tired and did not want to be the main act as I sometimes am. I was sad that Elisabeth von Trapp finally could not come – but I decided to make the best out of it and to be Lizzy von Trapp by myself – as the surprise act of the evening! And it really worked! Her music is so touching and it was worth bringing it to the gathering. Thanks to all gods that brought me to meet E. von Trapp 3 weeks ago in Salzburg personally. I had a wonderful funny rehearsal with Yellowlonghair about my “Let it be” Song – the most important song for me this evening. Let the Austrian Gathering be! Let me be! Let you be! All got it! And the Faerie Revolution Song was my message too! – with all the colors of the rainbow and my vision was that every participating faerie of the Rainbow Faeries Group should express in one word what revolution truly means for him. So we had:

Red (Red Rose) – Freedom and Love

Orange (Awen) – Diversity

Yellow (Aismilia) – Unity

Green (Efthimios) – Animality

Blue (Aki) – Future

Violet (Black Panther) – Open Heart

All colors (Mata Hari) – I was the memory of Harry Hay, Michael Brown (died 2 months ago) and Shokti to whom I dedicated this gathering. #

For some faeries (like Pixie) this was the best (or 2nd best) No Talent Show in Faerie History – and the longest and it was really fabulous! I could not see all the performances because I was already in my surprise holy shawl – a new tradition I wanted to create for the European Faerie space and gatherings– but what I really deeply remembered was the sound of Mother Goose’ singing “memories – the way we were” – it moved me deeply!

During my Trapp surprise performance I could see that the holy shawl was moved over the heads of the whole audience. Everybody wanted to touch it – and it was part of the marvelous After Show Party – where everybody was wrapped thereof. The party was so fabulous too – and it was opened by me and my partner at the end of the Show after we performed the waltz of the most famous Austrian (dead) Entertainer Peter Alexander “The last waltz with you” and “Dankeschön” – where we all were touched deeply.


Saturday was the open day, but in fact nearly no other guys showed up, maybe the space was too far away to get there from Vienna. The Film crew from the university did some interviews with some faeries, Red Rose and I had a lovely photo shoot in the meadows, the only time I had the time I had the chance to leave faeriespace for a while during a lovely sunset. There was a Tantric Session and we had a lovely grill evening. The day ended with our traditional auction facilitated by Efthimios, which was great fun – as always when he is performing it! I was already very tired but happy that the final of the gathering came nearer. But I bought a nice mandala from Bindu that was called “From darkness into light” which I thought totally suited to my situation at the gathering here. First I had the fear that the auction did not bring too much money because we did not have so much precious items. But at the end we nearly got € 950 which was OK. The auction was really needed because finally this was the real surplus of the gathering.


On Sunday there was my most important moment of the gathering: it was when mother Goose asked me to moderate his talk about his life – and to ask questions to him – this hours were filmed for a film project about bringing the faerie movement to Austria and Central Europe. I was so honored that he asked me – it was my highlight of the gathering to talk to him in front of all other faeries – and to listen to his life story from the heart. How wonderful this was – he is real safe – I needed him so much for this gathering as the oldest faerie I know. I remembered that 1 year before I met one of the most famous – the oldest living! – Gay-rights activists in the world – Michael Brown – and 2 months before the gathering he died! I wanted him so much for the gathering but unfortunately it was not possible any more. So I needed another sage – and this was Mother Goose. After many times of convincing him he really came – and saved our gathering! He was the most important spirit for me and for most of the others here. He did the biggest efforts to come as he went by bus from London to Vienna- So he was my special guest for whom I did fulfill every wish.

He was so grateful that he always repeated he would not want to be anywhere else in the world but here in Austria at this very space with us all! Thank you Mother Goose for being and for being with us! We all love you. You are our all inspiration!

In the afternoon there was this beautiful appreciation workshop facilitated by Prince Deer. It was pure happiness to be part of this workshop and being appreciated by the other faeries. Thanks for this wonderful idea! I loved it so much! That is what we need in Austria and Central Europe – to appreciate each other! Yezzz!

In the evening we had a great Viennese Waltz and Queer Tango Workshop at the same time facilitated by me and Awen and the tension was enormous. Some faeries also took part at the wonderful Faerytale (storytelling) workshop. It was pure delight!


I was grateful that on Monday morning some experienced faeries helped to facilitate the practical circle so that we could bring it to the point. I never tried to be bossy but sometimes it’s good when you can delegate things like organizing the departures of the faeries. But at the end everybody got his best transportation facility so every faerie was happy without too much stress.  The last regular day of the gathering brought a wonderful LOVE heart circle! I was so happy about everything that was said there and all the appreciations. And at the end when also my partner entered the love circle room I also could be really happy and had one or two tears in my eyes – because he also needed to release his heart to all faeries – so that he also finally cried – it was so much for him and what he did for all the faeries! – And he finally could get all the appreciation which he deserved. So my last word was “Red Rose” in the heart circle! – Without him there could not be an Austrian Gathering. It would not exist, I owe him so much!

On the last evening the Closing Ceremony came and for me it was the most touching moment of the gathering when my last dream came true – to hear the overture of Don Giovanni – my favorite music piece from Mozart during our last ritual. And when the music started and we all enlightened our candles and looked into each other eyes, I really felt the transformation – being in the other world – the paradise – in heaven or whatever you call it. That was the moment of my life – of many of our lives that we will never forget. The time stands still and will be eternal – wherever we are and whatsoever!

Red Rose and I went together through the ritual: These 10 days was a hard time for us – but it made history in faerie space and in our lives. Yes we would like to experience again! Thank you all spirits of the earth, the sky and the 4 hemispheres – you made it happen! WOW!


The last day everybody went back safely from the space. The sun shined and we all said good bye. Some had no words to express their gratefulness! Some faeries told me that now they know that the combination of spirit and heart is possible! – And they have never seen that better than in OUR example. I was deeply touched. See you all again in 2 years. YooHoo! I Love You!