MATA HARI in Terschelling – rebirth of a legend

„Hey MataHari! Looking forward to see your grace at the notalentshow again!“ „You were fantastic“ „… so inspiring“ „I was really touched“ „you were the surprise of the evening“ „…these are the biggest compliments you can wish!“ SHE says! …. Since 2008 the faery world celebrates the rebirth of a legend – in secrecy – not perceived by the mainstream of the gay and straight world. „… and thus it should also go on!“ SHE says.  „this is my audience, they understand me –and they are also ready to let enchant and to get deeper in the fairy empire“ where charm, grace, but also sometimes pure wildness rules. „I do not make this for myself – I make it for many unique beings which cure me over and over again and to which I am obliged too so many thanks. I love these Faeries! I want to get them unforgettable touching moments in her life – that’s why we all are here! To experience this what is not possible in the real world there outdoors.“ But these enchanting moments exist – one must only allow them. One may not avoid to show emotions also sometimes – not as well as on television where every shown emotion is manipulated in the background. With the Faeries I feel every second of my life sensibly spent!“

But from which legend we speak here, actually? Mata Hari was the most famous dancer of her time quite exactly 100 years ago. Mata Hari was famous in the time before and during the First World War as the first exotic naked dancer and eccentric artist. Today besides she is valid as the best known spy of all times. However, she became a legend because she was executed during the 1st world war because of supposed high treason by a French military court.

She led a double life, „and with it she can be also compared to many of ours and to my life. Externally we lead the life to earn money, we adapt ourselves to the world, but internally most of us are not happy with this world, they cannot unfold her being and her heart, they cannot do this and live what they really want.“ With the faeries they are able to do it! They can accept a new identity and also give the name to themselves which they want!

„I did not have to consider long about my faeriename, my passion for dancing and the destiny of Mata Hari let me very strongly identify with her! In addition I also soon found out that Mata Hari was born in Leeuwarden, a small Dutch town on the coast, within sight only some kilometres away from the island where in the middle of the 90-s the first Faeriegatherings have taken place in Europe – on Terschelling! Which name should be better suitable for me?“

Since then there is no big Faeriegathering in Europe or sometimes also in Asia, where also Mata Hari does not appear. „In the beginning I did it absolutely spontaneously, now my visions for performances and choreography often already float to me months before,“ SHE says. „To me homages on personalities are very important which have made the world better or the people and me happier and have enriched; just as the memory of late or living Faeries which have changed my life …, however, also the discussion with the destruction of the nature. When I was for the first time in Folleterre and felt this wild beauty there, I was driven internally in addition to draw the attention to how cruelly we handle with the creations of the nature: After a wild sacrifice dance I let me die as a King Kong in the middle of the audience under the fairies.“

Mata Hari delivered with it a performance unforgettable for all person present which founded her legendary call in the faerie world. „I look at this also as a homage to my real models, namely women like Dian Fossey and still living Jane Goodall which her whole life exerted itself long for the rights of the apes and with it in the broader sense for the rights of the people on human life-styles, worth living surroundings and a better world.“

„What is also especially important to me – with my performances I make absolutely no compromises. I want to show this what I want to convey, give 100% really and everything – otherwise I do not make it – even if it means for many people a taboo break. But I want to be so near in the deeper sense of the shown as only possibly. Only then it has a value for me to show it and then it also gives to me pleasure. Also sometimes it’s part of it to seem very glamorous and ceremonious, possibly as Cleopatra with my homage on the late Hollywood diva and AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor – or also sexily and in the nude like with the homage to the only just late Faerie Mercedes or to Michael Jackson, … I also put once to one of the holy Faeries, it was Shokti, a burning candle in the mouth, as a symbol for it, how nicely, charmingly and endangers a face can be. … The Faeries understand this, because they see with the heart!“

The turning point was for Mata Hari her first performance in Terschelling in 2009 where she danced the song L’Aigle noir of the legendary French singer Barbara. „Many faeries in the chock-full barn were so quiet during my dance that one could hear breathing an ant. And after my last movement an ear-deafening applause broke out. … When I woke up in the morning afterwards and these wonderful moments on the stage and the reaction of the Faeries came to me again to recollection, yes, there I felt an infinite blessedness. I. Mata … Hari … was born again!“ 

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