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Report from the Waterlilies Gathering, Hungary, 2016


Personal statement: First of all, thank you so much that you expressed your will to gather with us in a new country! We all know about the political situation in some eastern countries and some of you also expressed their concern about the current LGBTIQ situation. But we all are healers and we want to enjoy ourselves around this magical lake. People will understand if they have the chance to know us better. We try to be pioneers and will spread the Faerie spirit! We are ONE tribe wherever we are, even in our diversity. We will be in a rather safe space in this campsite and in this town which lives of tourists (for them we are). We will have a wonderful gathering if we focus on our healing skills. We all have to have in mind this gathering is NOT a regular event and it is NOT a matter of course that it will happen again in Hungary. It also depends if it is accepted and appreciated by you and the Faeries in the neighbouring countries and if we and all participating Faeries and friends can feel your love and spirit in your physical presence.


How can I find words for something that I do not want to describe because it left me so harmonious and so beautiful. I wish all of you could make this experience yourself. It’s the first time ever that I don’t feel a bit exhausted after a gathering that I organized and that I don’t feel strange when I enter again civilisation. I could delve into another world I did not know before. I feel like woven into a cocoon of soft glittering wool and fairy dust, which went into my brain and through my blood. But in fact, it is a world of real elements, it is the world of water and colours in combination, a world of flowers and waterlilies and mud and I feel just peace in me. It is the first gathering where I have nearly been more inside than outside water or it at least feels like that. I felt like a Neptune baby after Sky waved me gently into the uterus of my mother. After having lost my fear of water I first became a dolphin and a whale and then a mermaid. I could hear real giant whales singing under the water after Geo has waved my floating body to his lungs. I could see and feel the power and spirit of the pinkest waterlilies who rise higher and more gaily forward out of the water than any other flower I ever saw before. I feel more like I spent a week in Hawaii than in an eastern European country. I still see so many colours in my mind and my spirit is so satisfied even though we only had one big heart circle. I felt like I have performed a new life as flowers although we had no Know Talent Show. I feel gratitude and I feel “that’s what friends are for” more than ever. I got to know wonderful new Faeries and Pixies whatever gender they are. I find no words to criticise anything because all was too much paradise for me. We had enough time to balance conflicts, to give the new ones time to find harmony again after overwhelming emotions and we all left as mutual friends. We spent most of the time in total green environment and muddy water, alt-ough it was an urban gathering. We ate great food and felt hospitality although we could hear that some tourists left the space after we – the giggling and each other touching “rats” – have entered the mud pool. But in the end we spread lots of healing Faerie energy to all the people around us and into the waterlilies channels. While floating each other in shimmering and muddy water all started to do the same. From the first moment amid my waterlilies I did not want to be anywhere else in the world. Floating with other Faeries in the most beautiful nature – what else can I wish for?

Mata Hari
Das Gathering in Ungarn war super. Wir haben bewiesen, dass es auch im öffentlichen Raum möglich ist, wenn wir uns an die üblichen Gesellschaftsregeln halten und dass es sogar in einem autoritär geführten osteuropäischen Land möglich ist. Wir habe nun vor, nächstes Jahr erstmals ein Faerie Gathering in Rumänien zu organisieren, in Siebenbürgen: Das “Dracula-Gathering” bei Kronstadt, Transsilvanien, im August 2017
The Gathering in Hungary was great. We have proved that it is possible even in public places, if we stick to the usual social rules and that it is possible even in an authoritarian Eastern European country. We now have plan to organize next year for the first time a Faerie Gathering in Romania, in Transylvania: The “Dracula Gathering” at Kronstadt in August 2017 (before or after the Global Gathering in Fatherstone)
Red Rose + Mata Hari

Rise Like A Faerie – Manifest für ein Umdenken – Autorenlesung

Wir lassen uns unsere Freiheit nicht wegnehmen!
am Montag, 27. Juni, 20 Uhr, Buchhandlung Löwenherz, Wien


Etwa eineinhalbstündige LESUNG von ausgewählten Texten, teilweise in Englisch, samt anschließender Diskussion mit dem Autor zum Buch:
„RISE LIKE A FAERIE. Freedom Love Respect. A Radical Faerie Trail. Manifest für ein Umdenken“.
Das Buch ist das erste Werk außerhalb den USA, das jemals über Radical Faeries geschrieben worden ist und natürlich auch in deutschen Sprachraum. Der Eintritt ist frei.

Der Autor Gunny Catell ist in der Radical Faerie Szene weltweit bekannt, nur in Austria ist er weiterhin ein Unbekannter, fuer die Buchhandlung Loewenherz macht er fuer diesen Abend eine Ausnahme.

Es ist ein radikal queerer Roman mit den unterschiedlichsten Texten, eine beruehrende Reise zum Anderssein oder besser <du selbst sein> wollen. Alles wird in diesem Buch in Frage gestellt, vor allem die traditionellen Geschlechterrollen, die Medienlandschaft, die Religionen, die queere Szene, der Mainstream, unser Umgang mit den Menschen am Rande der Gesellschaft: Das wollen viele nicht hoeren, aber doch muss es immer wieder angesprochen werden, sonst gibt es keine Weiterentwicklung auf diesem Planeten. Dieses Buch ist ein Aufschrei gegen jeden Rueckfall in Zeiten die wir nicht mehr wollen. Nichts in dieser anderen Welt ist erfunden, alles wurde wirklich erlebt. Und das macht das Buch so fesselnd und inspirierend.

Zum Buch: Die Radical Faeries sind eine bahnbrechende zukunftsweisende Bewegung, die mit der Gay Liberation Ära entstanden ist (und im deutschen Sprachraum nachwievor ignoriert wird). Seit 8 Jahren bereist der Autor die ganze Welt, um bei Gatherings der Radical Faeries teilzunehmen. Er hat nun den ersten Faerie-Roman in Europa über seine persönlichen Erfahrungen, Visionen und Bekenntnisse geschrieben. Sein Vorbild ist Mark Thompson’s „The Fire in Moonlight“. Er gibt damit tiefe Einblicke in ein faszinierendes Universum, das normalerweise nicht für die Außenwelt sichtbar ist. Er setzt sich in dem Buch aber auch kritisch mit dem Umgang der Menschen mit ihrer Umwelt und ihrem geistigen Erbe auseinander. Es ist ein Plädoyer für mehr Freiheit. Liebe und Respekt. Neben diesen sehr persönlichen Texten, die etwa zwei Drittel des Buches ausmachen, bietet das Buch auch englische Beiträge von anderen Faeries und im letzten Drittel die Vielfalt und das Engagement der Faerie-Bewegung in Österreich, in Zentral- und Osteuropa.

Die Reaktionen der ersten Leser reichen von „tolles Buch, sehr beeindruckend und berührend – gut geschrieben, eindringlich, berauschend“ bis „unbeschreiblich“
„I’ve been reading Mata Hari’s amazing book „Rise like a faerie“ and am deeply touched by the very intense sharing of his life experiences in and outside faerie space deep from his heart and soul which I was able to feel very well between each single line. Thanks a lot for spreading your faerie energy into the world! A highly recommended book!“
„Manchmal finde ich das Buch so spannend, dass ich es gar nicht aus der Hand legen möchte.“
„Am besten fand ich wie du die Beziehung Mensch zur Natur beschrieben hast.“
„Die Umsetzung einer Idee in die Tat fand ich total überzeugend und nachvollziehbar.“


History: Rettet das Sanctuary! Save the Sanctuary in Austria! Sorry, we could not …

Wir konnten es leider nicht retten, da es unerwartet an jemand anderen verkauft wurde. Aber hier seht ihr unsere Bemühungen. Wir suchen derzeit nach einem anderen Sanctuary außerhalb von Wien in der Grenzregion. Wenn ihr ein tolles Stück Land in der freien Natur mit einem kleinem Bauernhof wisst, das günstig erworben werden kann, schreibt uns bitte an:, wir sind sehr daran interessiert:


JUNE 2016:

„A week ago it seemed as if we had to say goodbye to our possible Sanctuary in Hadres, for-merly Els land forever, because there were others interested in this little paradise and someone else wanted to buy it and already the first deforestation of trees were carried out around the house. A farmer wanted to grind the land and degrade it into a part of his field. That all was certainly not in Els intention and she already knew why she was always so concerned about her land. Vienna’s Faerie community who heard of these actions was deeply sad. But now the tide has turned and Mother Earth has opened her doors widely in favour of the Radical Faeries for a moment. Because the first buyer has rescinded the purchase offer the land was offered now to the Radical Faeries for sale. All who heard about this opportunity, figuratively fell into their arms, so we were happy about these news, which sent us Doro yesterday.

Yes, all of us who sign this news – as representatives of the many others of you – want to save this land, so that this paradise can go to our final possession and thus indefinitely all of us can become a new home. The land will be open not only for Faeries, but for those who want to protect or visit this land or where there is a concern, this vision to pursue.

The heir (owner) of this land at the moment wants € 28,000 from us which is appropriate for this land, and also for us, if we stick together and support each other. A minimum deposit of € 5000, – will be handed over on Friday to a Trust Account, and a preliminary agreement will be completed, which is prepared now. This deposit will be contributed by some of the undersigned on Friday. We try to get some balance from a Faerie fund, which, inter alia, was created in California of Radical Faeries for the establishment of sanctuaries, and will be refunded in the next few years by us.

On 20th June we met at in the restaurant Marea Alta, Wien 6, Gumpendorferstraße, to speak about the process and to discuss further also legal possibilites for Friday.

It was decided that we have to create an association (VEREIN) like there is one in Folleterre to buy (and later to manage) the land. This legal frame is the only possibility to take away all the financial risks from the Faeries. At the moment we would like to call the VEREIN “OFFENES LAND” – “Open Land”.

In case we don’t get the balance from the fund in California we parallel also have to create a CROWDFUNDING now very quickly to get a lot of donators for the purchase of the land in the next 2 or 3 weeks. We try to clarify the details in the next few days with the Faeries in California and about crowdfunding with the Faeries in Austria, Germany and Central Europe.

In the unrealistic case that we cannot buy the land (for instance if we cannot get enough balance for the purchase – about € 23.000) we will send back all the money to the donators.

Everyone who likes to contribute with about € 120 per year for the purchase and later on for the keeping of the land is invited to attend to this new association (VEREIN) as a member. The details about the VEREIN will be finalized in the next days and there will be a constitutional setting in the next weeks.

We must and had to act quickly, because otherwise there will be nothing left of this land in a very short time. We do this not only for ourselves but for all of you and for many Faeries all over the world who have heard of this small Sanctuary in Austria and would like to visit it as a wonderful meeting-place. We do this also for those, who put a lot of time and vision, work and passion in this land and who want to make a fresh start here. We do not see so much as the keepers of this land that do not allow change, but as the protectors of nature, beauty, creativity, imagination, mind and soul both in ourselves, in others, our Faerie Family Community and this land.“

We’ll keep you up to date on all the developments of the next few days. Since we need our full energy for this project, we need to cancel the Vision Gatherette in Munich planned for this weekend. Some want instead visit the land in Hadres to get an image on the current state of Sanctuaries2b and continue to debate whether the establishment of an association for the purchase of the land is necessary and how this can be done in the next few weeks. The land is supposed to be open for every Faerie not only for those who were now offered for sale there.

Be part of Sanctuaries2b with your support! Be protector of this land and the people and animals on it! Let your visions come true. Transform!

We can do it and we will get there! Yes we can!

Doro, Freedom, Bobbie Joe, Rurtaler, Herrmann, Birgit, Red Rose and Mata Hari (for Radical Faeries Austria)


PS: anyone who want support us right now please do so on current account of the Radical Faeries Austria


If you want to make a DONATION for the purchase of a new Sanctuary – anOPEN LAND

Please transfer the amount of your choice to: Bank Name: 12000 Bank Austria Account Name: “Austrian Faeries”  IBAN: AT811200010001670073 BIC (swift code): BKAUATWW Reference, so that we know who the payment is from: “Purchase and/or Land, Faeriename and/or Actual Name”


Questions? Please email:

Radiant Light ! Hommage to EL / Leo, Rise Like A Faerie + Die Feen von Hadres

Radiant Light

Donnerstag 28. April 2016: 20:30 – 23:30

Marea Alta, Gumpendorfer Straße 28, 1060 Vienna, Austria

Wir alle kannten sie / ihn, ein lebenslustiges leidenschaftliches intelligentes Wesen, wie es nicht viele in der Wiener LGBTI Szene gibt/gab. Wir alle haben ihr/ihm viel zu verdanken. So many became attached to her in the last years. Mit diesem Abend als Hommage in Memory of El können wir diesem strahlenden Licht einiges zurückgeben.


Um 20:30 Uhr wird Mata Hari zuerst aus seinem Buch „RISE LIKE A FAERIE“ die bleibenden Momente aus seiner Zeit mit EL lesen (und auch neue Texte) und dann:


we are proud to present for the first time ever in Marea Alta!

Mit EL als einer der HauptprotagonistInnen, wie sie/ihn so wohl wenige kannten: Ihr spirituelles Vermächtnis! Enjoooyyyyyy!

ab 21:30 Uhr: SYMBIOFAERIETAXIPLASM oder die Feen von Hadres

… ein experimenteller Dokumentarfilm über die Anfänge der Radical Faeries in Österreich ab 2012 – eine Befreiungsbewegung innerhalb der LGBTI- Bewegung, entstanden ursprünglich in den 1970er Jahren in San Francisco.

Waterlilies Gathering, Hévíz Hungary, 31 August – 4 Sept 2016

HevizDear Faeries!
Szerelem Tündérek szerelem!After the “Sound of Faeries Gathering” in the Austrian Alps 2015, we the organizers Red Rose and Mata Hari also spent some holidays in Hungary to have time for themselves and to relax at the wonderful warm thermal lake of Hévíz. This was such an amazing and healing experience that we had the idea to call for a little gathering there in the year 2016 and to bring some Faerie Energy to an “Eastern” European Country and continue our Radical Faerie/Eurofaerie Visions process here.
We left Hungary on the last train from Hévíz before the stream of refugees flooded the first trains from Budapest to Vienna. The situation in Hungary is more relaxed now than last year. So we believe that it could be a very nice and healing signal if we could create some Faerie Magic in this country and support those who already work in this direction.

So join us for a magical sun-drenched Gathering on the campsite at this beautiful natural thermal lake (the largest in the world) of Hévíz, near Lake Balaton, just West of Hungary near the Austrian Border.

See below for more information on the gathering, or feel free to contact Mata Hari for any further questions:

For a few visuals from the spot, please click on this link


The Hévíz gathering is a minimally structured event. We are basically getting together on a campsite to camp (it up?) and to relax and swim in the thermal lake or to explore the nature and culture around or to go to lake Balaton.
There is no real need to register in advance and there are no fees in advance – just show up!
BUT to get sure that you will have a reserved space for your tent at the campsite it is recommended that you send us an email if you come (to know how many would like to come) so that we can reserve your space for your tent definitely.

You can expect structure to arise, however, from the people attending. There will most probably be heart circles, rituals, workshops, and other Faerie activities. Like all gatherings, the content will be created by you and the others attending.


… Először a gyógyulási folyamatot közé tartozik. Készüljön fel az 1. liliom Tündérország Gathering Hungary 2016! …

To start the healing process in Hungary…
Be ready for the 1st waterlilies Faerie Gathering Hungary 2016!

Looking forward and sending hugs to you all!

Mata Hari and Red Rose


A FAREWELL full of Love and Gratitude

A FAREWELL full of Love and Gratitude

Ein ABSCHIED in Liebe und Dankbarkeit



Exotische Blumen, Pflanzen und Bäume wachsen,

erotische heilige Pilze ernten und leuchten,

Flüsse, Seen und Wasserfälle fließen,

in Leos Garten.

Ninja der Kater forscht mit seinen Krallen auf der Suche nach seinem Kumpel. Er taut seine Pfoten im kalten Schnee.

Es ist nie zu spät, in Leos Garten.

In der Nacht von Beltane, mit all den Freuden des Mai, Werdet Ihr viele Gnome, Feen und Elfen spielen sehen,

in Leos Garten,

In der lauen Lamas Zeit

Geisterkräfte der Magie und Göttinnen ernten und streicheln. Sie hinterlassen immer so ein weißes, klebriges Durcheinander!

In Leos Garten

Mit Salmain fallen die Herbstblätter

– Ein Schauspiel von Farben, Licht und Schönheit für uns alle.

Stockwell, Folleterre, Weinviertel – wo ist dieser Garten?

Etwas Reales oder im Kindergarten geträumt?

Dafür existiert Leos Garten in unseren Herzen,

Hoffnungen und Träumen. Ein Ort, um sich in den Wäldern zu verlieren

und in der Ewigkeit der Bäche. Ein Ort der Liebe, des Friedens und des Lichts,

wo Geister und Feen so hell leuchten. Der geheime Garten, diese ewige Flamme

und immerwährende Traum.

Dies ist die wahre Schönheit –

von Leos Garten


Faerie X-mas Vision Gathering SPA 2015


„Dieses X-mas Gathering wird uns ewig in Erinnerung bleiben, denn es hat unsere Sicht auf dieses weltweit gefeierte „Fest des Friedens“ im Angesicht des nicht weit entfernten Terrors für ewig verändert. Wir haben erlebt, dass wir auch ein Weihnachten gegen alle Klischees feiern können, dass alles möglich ist und dass wir als Feen zu größtmöglicher Freiheit in dieser Gemeinschaft fähig sind. Nicht von ungefähr hat gerade hier Black Panther zu seinem wahren Faerie Namen „Freedom“ gefunden. Es war das High Energie Gathering schlechthin, obwohl dies eigentlich die leiseste Zeit des Jahres sein sollte. Auch wenn anscheinend bei einigen Faeries durch die schallfördernde Bauweise dieser pittoresken ehemals Upperclass – nunmehr magischen „Harry Potter“ Villa die Drama Energie, die anscheinend in vielen Faeries in Hülle und Fülle angelegt ist, maßlos gefördert wurde, konnte ich sehr wohl meinen heiß ersehnten Frieden und auch Abgeschiedenheit außerhalb dieses Hexenkeller Schlosses in diesem eigenartig verschlafenen Spa finden. Ich wollte in der Tat nichts mehr von allen den Dramen wissen, die mache Feen so dringend bewegte. Ich komme doch in den Faerie Space um gerade Dramen zu entfliehen, die es gibt sie ja ohnehin außerhalb dessen zur Genüge. So ging ich am 24. Dezember einfach in das Heilbad und ließ mich durch die Sonnenstrahlen im Wasser schwebend und die Alpenkräutermeditation im abgedunkelten fluoreszierenden Raum in Trance verfallen. Beim Abschluss Vision Cercle konnte ich daher auch mit Erleichterung meine Freude zum Ausdruck bringen, dass ich mich erstmals seit langem nach einem Gathering weder erschöpft noch krank fühlte. Ich habe vier Abende hintereinander Vision Circles geleitet oder habe an Tree of Life Workshops mitorganisiert, habe an der Know Talent Show mitgewirkt und bin nach 4 Abenden des Discotanzen spät ins Bett gegangen, habe bei der Schlossdekoration den Zauberer Dumbledore gegeben und habe trotzdem nicht das Gefühl gehabt, mich zu verausgaben und erschöpft ins Bett fallen zu müssen. Ich habe den Vision Entwicklungsprozess von Anfang bis zum Ende führend vorangetrieben mit unzählige kleinere Diskussionen und Anregungen mit sich sorgenden Faeries dazwischen. Ich habe es geschafft, an fünf vollen Gathering Tagen bei vier Wanderungen außerhalb des Schlosses dabei zu sein.

Ich wurde auch zu einem im Faerie Space nicht oft stattfindenden Jahrzehntereignis auserkoren und für würdig empfunden, eine Pagan Verlobungszeremonie zwischen zwei sich neu verliebten Faeries zusammen mit Fauny durch Anwendung einiger symbolischer Rituale zu zelebrieren und diesem sich spirituell bindenden Pärchen (Awen und Raven) meinen Segen für das kommende Jahr zu spenden. Für mich persönlich war diese Blessing Zeremonie unter schönstem, strahlendem Wintersonnenschein so etwas wie der emotionale Höhepunkt dieses X-Mas Gathering. Wir sahen, wie gerade im entscheidenden Moment unserer Full Moon Zeremonie am 25. Dezember der volle klare Mond hinter den dichten Wolken hervorkam und der Prozession der Feen den Weg zum Schloss erleuchtete, wo wir dann die erste Stufe unseres Wunscherfüllungsprozesses für die Zukunft unserer Faerie Community und unsere persönliche Weiterentwicklung erklommen haben. Wo sich noch nicht die Zukunft endgültig zeigte, war die Vollendung des Weges meiner eigenen Partnerschaft, aber auch hier wollte ich meinem Partner meine Liebe symbolisch durch unsere Performance bei der Show zeigen: “Underneath the mango tree” sollte unser zukünftiges Leben darstellen. Meine Hommage an den berühmtesten belgischen Sänger Jacques Brel “Quand on a que l’amour” sollte der aktuellen IS-Bedrohung in Paris und Belgien gedenken und „One Vision“ von Queen sollte eine Hymne für unser gemeinsames Faerie Future symbolisieren.

Ich muss meinen zwei Co-Organisatoren Tinkabell und Freedom so dankbar sein, sie haben das Gathering großartig hingekriegt. Sie haben ihre queerste quirligste und spritzigste Energie hervorgebracht, die ihnen trotz Verkühlung möglich war und es war einfach nur noch schön, ihnen beim Flattern wie die Fledermäuse durch das Schloss zuzusehen. Auch wenn sie vielleicht ihre persönliche Frust- und Gesundheitsenergie bei ihrem ersten organisierten Gathering erst noch richtig kanalisieren mussten, sie haben sich faerielike bewährt und es toll fließend hinbekommen. Auch Red Rose sorgte zwei Mal für ein herrliches X-Mas Dinner, so etwa am 24. Dezember, wo sich die Tische nur so bogen. Alle waren beseelt von verzaubernd bumpfiger und auch sexy Energie und die Liebe sprühte bei einigen nur so aus den Fingerspitzen. „Abrakadabra – die Liebe die ist da!“ spürte man allerorten und wir alle waren von der fibrierenden Zauberkraft, die in jedem kleinsten Winkel der Villa steckte, gebannt und manchmal auch überwältigt. Aber ich denke, – und das haben ich gleich wieder erlebt, als ich nach dem Gathering in die andere viel bedrohlichere verrückte Welt zugekehrt bin –, nichts kann besser sein als einige Tage immer wieder mit diesen Faeries zu verbringen, mag es auch noch so viele kleine scheinbare Kollisionen der Feen bei ihrem schillernden Flügen geben. Sie alle sind nicht wirklich bedrohlich verglichen mit der Gewissheit, dass dieses magische Feentreffen nun wieder vorbei ist und man abermals den Alltag erleben muss, der einen augenblicklich bewusst macht, welcher Schatz Faerie Space ist. Einfach unglaublich, wie man alle diese Feen gleich wieder vermisst! Als Motto würde ich doch so etwas wie „Give Peace a chance! Give Faerie Space a chance” und das – as often as possible – wählen. We have so many gifts to give and to receive. Give our visions a chance! OM. IOpen. Yoohoo.“ MH


Je suis a soir d’été, Je suis a Radical Faerie

(Hommage Song an den berühmtesten belgischen Sänger Jacques Brel)

Christians conquered America

The Indigenous commited suicide

Maya, Inuit, Aborigine

The western world is still so pride.

Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité

No, we’r ruled by capital

Comsume, regulier, variétés, functionerize

Je suis a soir d’été


The US has bombed Iraq

You only think « what fuck »

In name of Allah we can kill

And so we shout «God’s Will».

Islamique state has open end

Society has to defend

Angela Merkel is Jeanne d’Arc

Is my soul now bright or dark?

Je suis a refugee


Islamique slayers kill Malala

Fundamentalists hate Harry Hay

Too many children in this world

I only want now to be gay.

We’r not allowed to criticize

We’r only used to hear new lies

The system tells you « dont be nice »

My only hope is just to rise

Je suis Charlie à Paris


Nature will fade away

Humans just gonna stay – alone

But people try now to survive

While they are on their phone.

The bees are gonna die

The birds will fly away

You don’t know what to do

I don’t know what to say

Je suis your Mother Earth


We are looking for our faerie roots

Taking care for our fellow hearts

Connected with our Mother Earth

But there’s a gap that hurts.

Melting ice is threatening bears

The jungle is a Cimetière

All islands gonna disappear

We Faeries think « where is mon frère ? »

Je suis a Radical Faerie


She was breaking all taboos

She is living her life twice

She was the greatest of all spies

She was kissing all our eyes.

Looking forward to see you grace

You are so inspiring all of us

Dancing with you other face

You were really touching mass

Je suis a Mata Hari


Silent Nights, Faerie Nights

Silent nights, faerie nights

(Not) all is calm, but all is bright

Round Faerie Family, Mother Nature and childs

Fairy infants so tender and wild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent nights, faerie nights
Shepherds quake at the night.
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Yoohooluia,
Faerie Family is born!
We all are reeeborn

Silent nights, faerie nights!
Born of Goddess love’s pure light.
Radiant beams from Thy smiling face
With dawn of redeeming grace,
Queer Goddess, at Thy birth
Queer Goddess, at Thy birth


Das inspirierenste Geschenkbuch zu Weihnachten: „RISE LIKE A FAERIE“

A Radical Faerie Trail. Manifest für ein Umdenken“
Das Buch ist nur per Email über:
und über VLB
und die Buchhandlung Löwenherz in Wien und Eisenherz in Berlin zu erwerben
oder bei Faerie Gatherings.
Es ist das erste Werk außerhalb den USA, das jemals über Radical Faeries geschrieben worden ist und natürlich auch in deutschen Sprachraum.

Zum Buch: Die Radical Faeries sind eine bahnbrechende zukunftsweisende Bewegung, die mit der Gay Liberation Ära entstanden ist (und im deutschen Sprachraum nachwievor ignoriert wird). Seit 8 Jahren bereist der Autor die ganze Welt, um bei Gatherings der Radical Faeries teilzunehmen. Er hat nun den ersten Faerie-Roman in Europa über seine persönlichen Erfahrungen, Visionen und Bekenntnisse geschrieben. Sein Vorbild ist Mark Thompson’s „The Fire in Moonlight“. Er gibt damit tiefe Einblicke in ein faszinierendes Universum, das normalerweise nicht für die Außenwelt sichtbar ist. Er setzt sich in dem Buch aber auch kritisch mit der Medienlandschaft, mit Religionen und Ideologien, dem Umgang mit den Menschen am Rande der Gesellschaft, der Szene und den Umgang der Menschen mit ihrer Umwelt und ihrem geistigen Erbe auseinander. Es ist ein Plädoyer für mehr Freiheit. Liebe und Respekt. Neben diesen sehr persönlichen Texten, die etwa zwei Drittel des Buches ausmachen, bietet das Buch auch englische Beiträge von Faeries wie eilendes Wasser, Treasure, Theoklymenos, Mountain und Mother Goose sowie einem ungarischen Beitrag von Tamas Tzukindra die Weide. Es dokumentiert auch im letzten Drittel die Vielfalt und das Engagement der Faerie-Bewegung in Österreich, in Zentral- und Osteuropa.


Die Reaktionen der ersten Leser reichen von „tolles Buch, sehr beeindruckend und berührend – gut geschrieben, eindringlich, berauschend“ bis „unbeschreiblich“
„I’ve been reading Mata Hari’s amazing book „Rise like a faerie“ and am deeply touched by the very intense sharing of his life experiences in and outside faerie space deep from his heart and soul which I was able to feel very well between each single line. Thanks a lot for spreading your faerie energy into the world! A highly recommended book!“
„Manchmal finde ich das Buch so spannend, dass ich es gar nicht aus der Hand legen möchte.“
„Am besten fand ich wie du die Beziehung Mensch zur Natur beschrieben hast.“
„Die Umsetzung einer Idee in die Tat fand ich total überzeugend und nachvollziehbar.“
„Vieles verstehe ich nicht wegen der vielen Ausdrücke, weil ich bin nicht in diesen Kreisen, ich bin in anständigen Kreisen.“



Bisherige Lesungen zum Buch:
am Samstag 28. November im KOTTER in Groß Enzersdorf und
am Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015 in der

Arena Bar Variete Theater Cafè, Margaretenstraße 117, 1050 Wien die

erste Lesung samt anschließender Diskussion mit dem Autor.

Danach gab es ein Film screening zur ebenfalls „ersten europäischen“ FaerieFilmdokuvaganza „SYMBIOFAERIETAXIPLASM oder die Feen von Hadres“ (Das war die zweite öffentliche Aufführung nach der Weltpremiere im Filmhaus Spittelberg in Wien).

Danach wurde noch zu einer kleinen (Re)Birthday Party mit dem Autor inclusive reichhaltigem überschwenglichem Red Rose- Buffet geladen.

Hier konntet ihr auch Exemplare dieses durchaus gesellschaftskritischen Buches mit persönlicher Signatur des Autors erwerben.


Latest News: Das Buch ist eingeladen zur Teilnahme am Wettbewerb: Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs 2015

Das Buch war auch bei der „Buchmesse Wien“ vom 11. bis 15. November 2015 ausgestellt.


Reaktion zur ersten Lesung:

P R E D I G T D I E N ST (Nr. 1166)
Für Falter 44/15
– erschienen am Dienstag, 27.10.15
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Alle Menschen müssten ja ähnlich schmecken

Gestern, als mich Sir eze im Rollstuhl heimführte von Mata Haris
Buchpräsentation („Rise like a Faerie. A Radical Faerie Trail. Manifest
für ein Umdenken“), entfuhr mir folgender Satz: „Ich treibe mit mir
selber eine Orgie meines Körpergeruchs“. Denn ich kann nicht aufhören,
mich Tag und Nacht gern zu riechen.

Mata Hari hatte als junges Kerlchen idente Gefühle wie ich, jedoch ohne
Geruchsvernarrtheit, weil er als „Bub“ dachte, er sei schwul. Und ich
bin noch immer nun als Dreiundsechzigjähriger der Bub, der sich gerne
riecht. Hiermit gründe ich eine Faerie-Sektion des Körpergeruchs! Denn
alle Menschen müssten ja ähnlich schmecken ohne Parfüms, denke ich? Und
dann könnten die, die sich gerne riechen, doch zueinander gesellen. Es
waren einige geile Bluejeansträger bei der Präsentation. Es gibt eine
internationale Vereinigung aller Faeries, die von Staat zu Staat jeweils
ihre „Gatherings“ abhalten. Allein diese Wonne im Buch zu erfahren, ist
ein Gedicht. Mata Hari hat mir eine Widmung mit gezeichnetem Herz in
sein Buch geschrieben: „Für Phettberg, For our Faggot Goddess Hermes
From my Faerie Heart Mata Hari, 14 Oct 15“.

Wie immer waren wir Faeries in der Arena Bar versammelt, wo Mata Hari
und „ihr“ Red Rose eine herzliche Atmosphäre schaffen. Vielen Jeansboys
konnte ich Schweindi näherkommen und „Du geile Sau“ zuflüstern. Auch
Raja war mit total schwarzen Unterhosen gekommen und fragte mich: „Warum
bist du ein Schweindi?“ Und ich antwortete frohgemut: „Weil ich es gerne
bin!“ Denn als ich noch unter Aufsicht meiner herzlieben Stiefgroßmutter
Agnes Windisch thronte, hatte ich ein erstes Gebet im Kopf: Lieber Gott,
danke, dass ich am Abend wieder zu meinen Eltern schlafen gehen darf und
nicht bei den „Nutschas“ (Ferkeln) nächtigen muss.

Heute ernähr ich mich von Frankfurter Würsteln mit Senf und Kren und geh
endlich wieder einmal „Schamanisch Reisen“ ins Studio „Palmyra“. Jeden
dritten Samstag jedes Monats findet das „Schamanische Reisen“ mit Paul
und Cleo Baumann statt, ebenfalls in herzlicher Atmosphäre. De facto
sind die Faeries eine Art „Schamanisches Reisen“ für Schwule, Heteros
und noch anders Herumige, wie z.B. mich, der sich gerne riecht.

The “2nd Sound of Faeries Gathering 2015” Voices and Reports

3rd Gathering Flyer

„This was a sensational gathering from 1st to last day, the brilliant Faerie spirit, did NOT allow inclement weather in the middle to dampen our spirits, not for a moment! From small numbers at the beginning we grew to 45/50 faeries at times, Faeries came& went. New arrivals brought their beauty & charisma. I’m thinking particularly of Star Dust, Wairua & S. So many beautiful & loving, sharing folk. The No Talent Show revealed again the amazing hidden talents of many of us. Fabulously compared by Angel voiced Pixie & the lip-sinking wonder Theokymenos. Food was exceptional, each meal outshining the previous one. Tom (Cassandra) particularly outshone himself, our one Kitchen Dad. Heart Circles began to heal any rifts in our Gathering & I hope lay foundations for more shared responsibility in future events I was glad to have a mundane day in Salzburg to ease me back into being in London again. Can you believe the most popular gay venue was closed till September, are they MAD!! Buckets of Love to all attendees, my experiences with you will feed me thru the chill winter. I think very valuable stuff happened there which I hope will strengthen the Austrian Radical Faerie Movement. I LOVE YOU ALL!“ Mother Goose. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!Hmmmmm!


„I just want to simply say thank you for all your efforts to bring the Austrian gathering to fruition. It was really great. My best gatherings have been in Austria, partly due to the fact that I’m growing in faerie energy, and also because the environment is so totally amazing. I never would have been exposed to the Austrian Alps had you not organized these gatherings. I know it’s a lot of hard, and at times, seemingly „thankless“ work, but I know that we thoroughly enjoyed and valued our time there. So a huge „MERCI““ from Jim from Rural France, Not Paris! XOX

„Thanks again for this amazing gathering !!!! I had a wonderful time there. And now I feel like a faerie :-)“ Lots of love, Eric/Ursulo


„I enjoyed our wonderful „2nd Sound of faeries gathering“ in Austria with you lovely faeries soooooo much! Once again it’s my pleasure and honor to say „Thank you yery much!“ to Mata Hari and Red Rose and the other organizers! You are so fabulous and we sooooo liked to carry you around the fire during the closing ceremony! And I am thankful that all you lovely faeries shared your love and light and your inner treasure and creativity deep from your heart. All together we created this warm and wonderful atmosphere which we had during the gathering!

I’ve been reading Mata Hari’s amazing book „Rise like a faerie“ and am deeply touched by the very intense sharing of his life experiences in and outside faerie space deep from his heart and soul which I was able to feel very well between each single line. Thanks a lot for spreading your faerie energy into the world! A highly recommended book!“

I hope to meet you again at some next gathering – maybe the one announced in Spa/Ardennes? (or whenever and whereever else)! Until then don’t forget: „We are a circle / within a circle / with no beginning / and never ending.“ Be hugged and blessed by Theoklymenos


The “2nd Sound of Faeries Gathering 2015” Report by Mata Hari

If I would rename this gathering it was the “Gathering of Appreciation and of Deep Emotions” It was not a rollercoaster like two years before, but of constant intensity of our inner feelings. 43 Faeries met again in this breathtaking scenery of hard rocks and hot hearts. They were a wonderful combination of the right people on the right place at the right moment who found each other to discover the most wonderful moments that human beings can give each other when they meet in a brotherhood and sisterhood of lovely Faeries. We fled from the heat wave of the last weeks in the lowlands and found it again in the hearts of our “Sound of Faeries” community. Even though the weather was from day 2 to 6 very rough to us, these “raining men” brought us more together as a community than we ever expected. These intense feelings were never interrupted and culminated in two very emotional closing ceremonies. For Red Rose, one of the main organizers of the gathering – always trying hard to be a good kitchen goddess, the first closing ritual was his highlight of the gathering. After the last Heart-Love Circle the Faeries looked into the eyes of each other in the circle about 20 to 30 seconds and some of us really had big tears in their eyes or trembled, especially if it was their first gathering. We had about 12 new Faeries here and they all were enthusiastic about what they experienced. They all want to come back. Flora, one of our two women at the gathering, arrived already two days before to prepare the indoor and outdoor love temple and the altar room with much love, and everybody could feel how happy she was to be here for the first time and to do a lot for the Faeries and to be appreciated so much for all her heart-work. I also filled the ski boots room – now drag room, with a lot of my drag stuff and was happy to see that the Faeries enjoyed wearing it.

So what were other special moments of this gathering? A huge thanks to our kitchen moms and dads, the Austrian veggie food was again excellent! For some of us also the spontaneous kitchen party on Sunday night was a transforming highlight where we were dancing Waltz and Rumba through the kitchen and gliding on serving trolleys through the whole ground floor. Also our fabulous No Talent Show was again a highlight, starting with the Viennese Operetta “Die Kaiserin/The Empress” and finishing with a song that was sung by Israeli singer Amit Hayo personally: “I am happy, I am gay”. Some Faeries including me expressed that this No Talent Show was the most enchanting one they had ever seen. Maybe it was because the spirit this time was a special one after I had to announce the sad news that the beloved father of a participating Faerie had died today and we should that we should remember him in a minute of silence. This helped us all to transform into a new hemisphere of togetherness and understanding. I still get tears into my eyes whenever I remember this moment.

We also showed the new and first Filmdocuvaganza “Symbiofaerietaxiplasm” about the beginning of the Faerie Movement in Austria and Central Europe, which is also the first movie ever filmed in Europe about the Radical Faeries. The first time ever in Europe also a TV-Team with the Austrian Film director Paul Poet was accepted and invited to Faerie space on the open house day doing some interviews for a report in the Austrian TV. This TV-project was the biggest risk in Faerie space for me personally and also in my life, for my family and for my job in the civilized world, as I really hope that we still can reach some more Faeries in the world who feel the Faerie spirit in themselves and still do not know that Faerie space really exists. We will never be Mainstream, that is my true conviction, but we can help to ensure that the world will become a little bit more faerielike and to change the world a little, as much we can do according to our responsibilities. I also presented the first ever Faerie Book written in Europe “Rise Like a Faerie” written by me – mainly in German Language, but also with many contributions from Faeries in their own language like English, French, Hungarian and Dutch. We also had a nice trip to Salzburg to see a guided exhibition at the Galerie5020 or a funny drag walk to the waterfalls at Hochkönig. We again were jumping at the great trampoline contributed by Yellow Longhair and a massage table brought by Walter. We had wonderful meditation workshops like “Aura Reading” and “Opening our Heart Chakra” by NIP (Name in Progress) which touched me deeply, and “Planetary constellations”. We had a first attempt for an Alpine Glitter Shower Party with a beautiful cake from Gabi and the Music from Donna Summer (Deep down inside). But maybe the most intensive moment for me was the memorial circle initiated by Red Rose remembering all the dead Faeries and family members that had recently died. During this circle something happened that I had never experienced all the 8 years before in Faerie Space: all the 20 Faeries in this circle started to cry bitterly. Nearly every Faerie here had lost his father or even his mother or a Faerie friend just recently and this made this circle and the following night walk with the candles to the creek so special, where Saint Barbara was awaiting us. At the end of the walk we threw our thoughts of remembrance into the bonfire, “I am into your fire” (James Broughton), and we all knew that this was a great healing moment for us all.

We should never compare gatherings: Every gathering is different and also a sanctuary is different from a place which has to be prepared somewhere to become Faerie space. Faerie space is created by ALL Faeries: what we are sharing and how we are connecting to each other when we meet and what we make out of it. We – the organizers – worked hard to make it happen and we all should appreciate each other much more for what we do and be more tolerant for what we do not and also share more responsibility and help each other, especially before a gathering has started. We all try to improve ourselves, but we can never be perfect as human beings. “We are what we are – and what we are is an illusion!” sings the chorus of showgirlz from “La Cage aux Folles”. Yeah, we Faeries are all perfect and good – if we just ARE what we are… and that is all right! We are NO illusion!

I experienced that trying to participate at two big 10 days gatherings successively is not the best decision for every Faerie. Sometimes they need to rest in between. Gatherings can be very intensive. So be aware that the Austrian Gathering is NOT a regular event happening every year, it may be happening again in 2 or rather likely in 3 years, and it depends on if we can find enough Faeries to find the energy to act in solidarity and are willing to share responsibility in the preparation process BEFORE the gathering has started.

Our intention was also to spread the Faerie Spirit of our Tribal Vision from Folleterre to all the Faeries outside of Sanctuaries in Europe (who are alone or cannot come to places where Faeries gather) and to continue this process by creating new Euro Tribe Visions. That is why we facilitated a tribal vision circle about our Faerie future with or without sanctuaries. I expressed my strong wish that we are ONE tribe of Faeries wherever we are and that we never should exclude each other and always speak respectful with each other. We came to the conclusion that we continue this vision creating process by meeting in about half a year again for another tribal vision gatherette in Germany or somewhere else to find out our next inner intentions about possible sanctuaries and houses in Central Europe or gathering places.

The gathering ended with a second little closing ceremony around the fire with the beautiful image of our Hochkönig in the background as a sleeping beauty or a smiling dragon and we were singing “The River Is Flowing (Mother Carry Me)” … and while we were singing this wonderful song the Faeries have lifted the main organizers of this gathering, Red Rose and me, and were carrying us around the fire in appreciation for what we have done. Ohhh how releasing that was! We were happy to feel that the Faeries wanted to share the responsibility with us, because we all made this Faerie Space possible!

At the end “Long Distance” from Israel gave us his wonderful drawing as a gift saying “Yoo-Hoo!! The 3rd Alpine Faerie Gathering is on its way” … Yes we all agreed that this was the perfect call and flyer for the next gathering in 2 or 3 years, if the main responsibility can be shared to one hundred percent with Red Rose and me. And Wairua from New Zealand called in his gift for a “Practical Circle YooHoo!!!” But what I will keep from this gathering in memory most is the bright and lovely smile as we looked into our eyes, young eyes and older eyes. We are all one! We all have wonderful beautiful and magical eyes. Our souls!

We as organizers are also happy that the faeries gave generously, so we collected an unexpected surplus of 1200 Euros that we will ensure to make other gatherings in Austria or in other countries like Hungary possible or to collect it for a possible sanctuary wherever it will be created. So next year we could meet again at a place where not much organizing work is necessary. We have found already a wonderful healing space for the Faeries at the world’s largest thermal lake in Hévíz near Lake Balaton not far from the Austrian border. Expect the unexpected! This would be the first Faerie Gathering in an Eastern European Country. A legváratlanabb eseményekre is!

But first Kuscheltier and we have plans for a FaerieChristmas in a “Harry Potter” castle in the Ardennes at Spa in Belgium that we could combine also with our next tribal vision gathering. We are excited to hear more about it! We zijn enthousiast! (Faerielove Mata Hari)

CALL for the “The 2nd SOUND OF FAERIES“ Gathering @ Hochkönig Austria 15-25 August 2015


Yooohooo! Sweet faeries! “The Hills are AGAIN Alive, With

the 2nd Sound OF Faeries
@ Hochkönig Austria 
15-25 August 2015



After a FANTASTIC rollercoaster of

fun, dance, love, talks, magic and nature in 2013,


we are thrilled to announce

Austria’s 2nd international FAERIE GATHERING

in the AUSTRIAN ALPS near Salzburg August 15-25, 2015.

Symbio dt


Many faeries from 14 countries wanted to come back as soon as possible to this most unexpected but breathtaking Hochkönig mountain location, 1300 meters up in the heart of the Salzburg Alps.



So again we welcome and are calling all faerie folk, all ye queer and gentle creatures, bambis, eagles, deer, mountain trolls, pixies, phoenixes and friends of all genders from across Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Arctic, Antarctic, Moon and around the whole Universe

to Rise like a Faerie
Celebrate our/your Rebirth with us and
Building Bridges to all Faeries of the World

for 10 days of summer love, light and laughter on this magical mountain – which could change your life and fullfill your dreams! leo-thumb Join us to create faerie magic in a comfortable, clean and private Alpine hostel with delicious meals near an enchanted forest in the mountains of Austria. There are meadows to play in as well as forests, creeks, waterfalls and mountains so come and explore this magical nature. If you want more privacy and would like to camp, the nights are chilly (13 to 23 degrees) but there is enough space to pitch a few tents.

This is awaiting you…. Expect:   Mother NATURE ! – explore and enjoy the healing spirit of Mother Earth at highest faerie gathering ever in the exceptional Alps mountain range, come and experience the unforgettable alpenglow in front your eyes! If you want we can again organize an optional tour to the nearby Eisriesenwelt – the largest ICE CAVE on our planet Earth! And some hiking tours around this place of outstanding natural beauty. Mata Hari Faun

Celebrations! -We will also celebrate 20 years of the Eurofaeries and Eurovisions by honouring each participating Faerie and country in a special way, and
3 years of Radical Faerie Movement in Austria by presenting
the real (premier) version of Symbiofaerietaxiplasm, a Filmdokuvaganza about the beginning of the Faerie Movement in Austria, filmed partly also at the 1st Gathering 2013,
Symbio engl
the 1st  Faerie Novel/Anthology written by Mata Hari RISE LIKE A FAERIE
and by creating visions for the faerie tribes in Europe and sanctuaries2b in Austria.
ESC!  – We are also celebrating the Comeback of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest to Austria by singing and creating Songs from all countries of participating faeries! … So come and make faerie music every night around the sacred fire or take part at a Faerie-sing-along on our
ESC Euro (Faerie)-Vision- & 50 Years of the Musical Sound of Music- Celebration Day J by Singing Songs from all countries of participating faeries!

ESC   SPIRIT! – We will have heart circles, ritual, in- and outdoor love temple, sweat lodge and meditations to connect to our collective faerie spirit and faerie nature. and of course we will have our traditional KwNotalent show, the Auction, and the usual delightful faerie chaos playfulness for us all to submerge ourselves into!   Let’s come together in the spirit of openness to new experiences, healing, and the joy and creativity that is our faerie nature. Opening ceremony is Saturday 15th , Closing Ceremony Monday 24th.   Schönbrunn Castle        With love, hugs and faerie kisses… Follow every rainbow… till you find your dream!   Blessed be! Mata Hari, Red Rose, Black Panther, Ember and the Rurtalers (for the gathering team) Please send this call also your Faerie friends!   We are UNITY! We are UNSTOPPABLE ! unstoppable