History: Rettet das Sanctuary! Save the Sanctuary in Austria! Sorry, we could not …

Wir konnten es leider nicht retten, da es unerwartet an jemand anderen verkauft wurde. Aber hier seht ihr unsere Bemühungen. Wir suchen derzeit nach einem anderen Sanctuary außerhalb von Wien in der Grenzregion. Wenn ihr ein tolles Stück Land in der freien Natur mit einem kleinem Bauernhof wisst, das günstig erworben werden kann, schreibt uns bitte an: faerietreffen@hotmail.com, wir sind sehr daran interessiert:


JUNE 2016:

„A week ago it seemed as if we had to say goodbye to our possible Sanctuary in Hadres, for-merly Els land forever, because there were others interested in this little paradise and someone else wanted to buy it and already the first deforestation of trees were carried out around the house. A farmer wanted to grind the land and degrade it into a part of his field. That all was certainly not in Els intention and she already knew why she was always so concerned about her land. Vienna’s Faerie community who heard of these actions was deeply sad. But now the tide has turned and Mother Earth has opened her doors widely in favour of the Radical Faeries for a moment. Because the first buyer has rescinded the purchase offer the land was offered now to the Radical Faeries for sale. All who heard about this opportunity, figuratively fell into their arms, so we were happy about these news, which sent us Doro yesterday.

Yes, all of us who sign this news – as representatives of the many others of you – want to save this land, so that this paradise can go to our final possession and thus indefinitely all of us can become a new home. The land will be open not only for Faeries, but for those who want to protect or visit this land or where there is a concern, this vision to pursue.

The heir (owner) of this land at the moment wants € 28,000 from us which is appropriate for this land, and also for us, if we stick together and support each other. A minimum deposit of € 5000, – will be handed over on Friday to a Trust Account, and a preliminary agreement will be completed, which is prepared now. This deposit will be contributed by some of the undersigned on Friday. We try to get some balance from a Faerie fund, which, inter alia, was created in California of Radical Faeries for the establishment of sanctuaries, and will be refunded in the next few years by us.

On 20th June we met at in the restaurant Marea Alta, Wien 6, Gumpendorferstraße, to speak about the process and to discuss further also legal possibilites for Friday.

It was decided that we have to create an association (VEREIN) like there is one in Folleterre to buy (and later to manage) the land. This legal frame is the only possibility to take away all the financial risks from the Faeries. At the moment we would like to call the VEREIN “OFFENES LAND” – “Open Land”.

In case we don’t get the balance from the fund in California we parallel also have to create a CROWDFUNDING now very quickly to get a lot of donators for the purchase of the land in the next 2 or 3 weeks. We try to clarify the details in the next few days with the Faeries in California and about crowdfunding with the Faeries in Austria, Germany and Central Europe.

In the unrealistic case that we cannot buy the land (for instance if we cannot get enough balance for the purchase – about € 23.000) we will send back all the money to the donators.

Everyone who likes to contribute with about € 120 per year for the purchase and later on for the keeping of the land is invited to attend to this new association (VEREIN) as a member. The details about the VEREIN will be finalized in the next days and there will be a constitutional setting in the next weeks.

We must and had to act quickly, because otherwise there will be nothing left of this land in a very short time. We do this not only for ourselves but for all of you and for many Faeries all over the world who have heard of this small Sanctuary in Austria and would like to visit it as a wonderful meeting-place. We do this also for those, who put a lot of time and vision, work and passion in this land and who want to make a fresh start here. We do not see so much as the keepers of this land that do not allow change, but as the protectors of nature, beauty, creativity, imagination, mind and soul both in ourselves, in others, our Faerie Family Community and this land.“

We’ll keep you up to date on all the developments of the next few days. Since we need our full energy for this project, we need to cancel the Vision Gatherette in Munich planned for this weekend. Some want instead visit the land in Hadres to get an image on the current state of Sanctuaries2b and continue to debate whether the establishment of an association for the purchase of the land is necessary and how this can be done in the next few weeks. The land is supposed to be open for every Faerie not only for those who were now offered for sale there.

Be part of Sanctuaries2b with your support! Be protector of this land and the people and animals on it! Let your visions come true. Transform!

We can do it and we will get there! Yes we can!

Doro, Freedom, Bobbie Joe, Rurtaler, Herrmann, Birgit, Red Rose and Mata Hari (for Radical Faeries Austria)


PS: anyone who want support us right now please do so on current account of the Radical Faeries Austria


If you want to make a DONATION for the purchase of a new Sanctuary – anOPEN LAND

Please transfer the amount of your choice to: Bank Name: 12000 Bank Austria Account Name: “Austrian Faeries”  IBAN: AT811200010001670073 BIC (swift code): BKAUATWW Reference, so that we know who the payment is from: “Purchase and/or Land, Faeriename and/or Actual Name”


Questions? Please email: Faerietreffen@hotmail.com

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