Waterlilies Gathering, Hévíz Hungary, 31 August – 4 Sept 2016

HevizDear Faeries!
Szerelem Tündérek szerelem!After the “Sound of Faeries Gathering” in the Austrian Alps 2015, we the organizers Red Rose and Mata Hari also spent some holidays in Hungary to have time for themselves and to relax at the wonderful warm thermal lake of Hévíz. This was such an amazing and healing experience that we had the idea to call for a little gathering there in the year 2016 and to bring some Faerie Energy to an “Eastern” European Country and continue our Radical Faerie/Eurofaerie Visions process here.
We left Hungary on the last train from Hévíz before the stream of refugees flooded the first trains from Budapest to Vienna. The situation in Hungary is more relaxed now than last year. So we believe that it could be a very nice and healing signal if we could create some Faerie Magic in this country and support those who already work in this direction.

So join us for a magical sun-drenched Gathering on the campsite at this beautiful natural thermal lake (the largest in the world) of Hévíz, near Lake Balaton, just West of Hungary near the Austrian Border.

See below for more information on the gathering, or feel free to contact Mata Hari for any further questions: faerietreffen@hotmail.com

For a few visuals from the spot, please click on this link


The Hévíz gathering is a minimally structured event. We are basically getting together on a campsite to camp (it up?) and to relax and swim in the thermal lake or to explore the nature and culture around or to go to lake Balaton.
There is no real need to register in advance and there are no fees in advance – just show up!
BUT to get sure that you will have a reserved space for your tent at the campsite it is recommended that you send us an email if you come (to know how many would like to come) so that we can reserve your space for your tent definitely.

You can expect structure to arise, however, from the people attending. There will most probably be heart circles, rituals, workshops, and other Faerie activities. Like all gatherings, the content will be created by you and the others attending.


… Először a gyógyulási folyamatot közé tartozik. Készüljön fel az 1. liliom Tündérország Gathering Hungary 2016! …

To start the healing process in Hungary…
Be ready for the 1st waterlilies Faerie Gathering Hungary 2016!

Looking forward and sending hugs to you all!

Mata Hari and Red Rose


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